What did I sign up for then?

So before the madness of Knudepunkt and Black Box Horsens I did a series of post about each game at Fastaval and how tempted I was to play them from the teaser text. Basically my sign up thoughts for you all to see. Read the first one of them here.

So of course I have to do a post about what I actually ended up signing up for and what I ended up getting. And it’s fitting to write this just a few days before Fastaval.

This is what I signed up for:
This Miracle – 1. and 2. priority
Teddy Says Hide – 1. and 2. priority
Hope Was the Last Thing: A Canadian Grail Quest – 2. and 3. priority
Room – 1. and 1. priority
Distance – Game master
Model Protectorates – 2. and 3. priority
Isabelle – 3. and 4. priority
And I lost my fangs … – 1.prioritet
Tales from Five Fallen Realms – 2., 2. and 3. priority
Things that happen to other people – 1. og 1. priority
Deranged – 1. og 2. priority
Demons – 2. og 3. priority
Children of Dunsain – 4. priority
Prunes and Prejudice – 1. and 2. priority
Lethal Wings – 3. and 4. priority
Augusta’s Shadow – 3. priority

This is what I got:
Wednesday: This Miracle
Thursday: Distance
Thursday: And I lost my fangs…
Friday: Deranged
Friday: Prunes and Prejudice
Saturday: Things that happen to other people

This is a great pick, but I still wish I gotten Room and Teddy says hide. Oh well maybe I get a chance at Fastaval or later. And this amount of plays is properly a good amount and still a lot more than i usually do.

And I also have a few other things during this Fastaval, there’s the scenario writing competition (where the challenge is to write a scenario during Fastaval) which I’m a judge for, and this year we also have a short meet up for all the participants of it, where they can talk to us judges and get some inspiration and feedback from us and each other. It will be interesting to see how many takes advantage of this.

And on saturday at eight o’clock we the people behind Black Box Horsens have a meetup to talk about Black Box Horsens 2016 which we have just have the pleasure of announcing, more on this later.

In short:
I can’t wait for a great Fastaval to begin.

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