My journey through Knudepunkt 2015 – Thursday

My first Knudepunkt is over (a huge international conference for role players that travels around the four nordic countries and this year it was in Denmark, on Fynen in Ringe.) And as always I’ll try to write about how it was.

But I’ll try a bit different format here, and present what I can remember from KP. Mostly because my brain looks like this text reads, a huge jumble of fractured experiences flashing before my eye. And a constant fear of forgetting it (I can already feel pieces missing) So this is also just for my self, to store these memories in words before they disappear from my mind. I might pick out some parts and expand them later on. We’ll see. (If there’s parts you want me to go into further say so in the comments.)







12.00 – 17.00
– Thursday has finally arrived, almost rested from Black Box Horsens, now Knudepunkt.
– Last minute panic packing, everything taking longer than expected, just want to leave.
– Leaving Hobro in car with girlfriend (who being beyond amazing offers to both drive me there and pick me up again.)
– Long drive, just want it to start, bloody ques, finally here.

17.00 – 20.00
– Check in, drop stuff of at sleeping school, eat quick dinner on the way to opening ceremony.
IMG_1009– At the opening ceremony the screen says “InFucus” a lot longer than the organisers would properly have liked. Complicated chart shows how co-creative sessions work, but it will probably make sense when they start.
– Already the mood is happy and open, the open chair concept is repeated: when you are talking keep an open chair (real or symbolic) so all know that they are welcome to join in. Such a little rule, makes such a big difference. I cannot count the number of times during KP a conversation I was part in opened our ranks to let a complete stranger in or I had the courage to join in on a conversation, sometimes just to listen along to cool people discussing cool things because of that one rule.

20.00 – 23.00
IMG_1016– Go to talk for KP first timers, not what I was expecting. About what topics are being discussed at KP, not about how KP works. Wanted structure got theory. Still interesting though.
– Mill around a bit, talk, meet old friends, hug a lot, can’t remember details.
– Join in on Meet new people workshop. Lot’s of laughter, lots of exercise where we meet each other in strange and funny ways, first new connections found.
– Linger briefly at Project Presentations before back into the incoherent mass of hellos and hugs. So many smiles and faces can’t pick any out.
– D&D Speed Dating – Short game: we are at a tavern, we are all kliche and simple Dungeons & Dragons characters that we quickly make up our selves. We are looking for fellow adventures. Simple, fun, mad.

23.00 – 03.00
– Just going down to look at the German rave party in party room “Mordor” (there were four party rooms that participants could both hold planned and spontaneous things in, there was showcases, parties and all kinds of madness, as you will see.)
– Ended up staying for most of the time dancing very badly to rave music and playing with a pink boa, (they also make great hats). But the cool thing is: that feels just fine, no one is judging.
– Up to the Bazar (a huge common area in a sportshall, but built up in a cool and engaging way, with a cafe, larp showcases, a stage in the middle, sofas for relaxing, tables for board games, and so on.
IMG_1023– Watching KP TV. Otto Channel from Fastaval had gone international and gotten crews from Finland, Sweden and Norway to make a sketch each to complement their own. Very funny, very selvironisk (no corresponding english but making fun of ourselves.) Laughed a lot and at the same time was impressed that it was possible to make.
– More unremembered mingling. Because you want to meet new people, many familiar faces was met with a smile and a hug and a eye contact that said “Yes I see you, yes we are still friends, yes we are both busy meeting new friends, we will talk later.” Also I think more tentative dancing.

Some time around 3.00
– Go to bed, as the bar was closed and most had gone to bed.

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