Mini Fastaval and reflections over …And that’s it

So my most minimalistic Fastaval is over. Due to my neck problems I had to limit my time at Fastaval. Had I not lived in Hobro, I would have had to cancel it all together. But I managed to get some Fastaval.

I gave on the honorary otto to a very well deserving Rene Bokær, but also got to congratulate the other amazing nominees:

  • Fastaval Junior (Maya Krone og Mette Finderup)
  • Andreas Ravn Skovse
  • Designer brætspil (Troels Vastrup + Bo Thomasen)
  • Bjarke Pedersen & Johanna Koljonen

One thing I have learnt during this process is: god there is many amazing people in our community!

I had a chance to have some great talks with many of the lovely people there at the organizer reception, the author reception and at the ottoparty.

But I also ran my game “…And that’s it”, and that is what I want to talk about now. Designing this game has been a strange experience as it stayed flexible up until the very end. What I mean by that is that, normally when I design I game I reach a point where it kinda freezes up and I have a very hard time changing anything. This game didn’t hit that point, I even made a few changes after the GM run a few weeks before Fastaval.

It’s also a game that kinda snuck up on me. It started as a bit of a provocation. How strange a game could I make for Fastaval. But slowly it became more and more important to me. And now I think this is one of my favorite of my games. And that leads me to something else:

One of the things I like about “…And that’s it” is that it shows I’m not at my peak. “The Courage of Teddies” was a good story, but the design and especially writing is a bit flawed. “Waiting for flight GO901” was the best I had made and I have been worried about never being able to top it. It is such a clean and simple design and it just works. “…And that’s it” was for a long time way more clunky than Flight. But through the many edits and changes it ended up almost as clean but still more complex. And I’m proud of that and it shows I’m not done.

It ran five times and all the runs seems to have gone well. I ran the two international groups myself. I’m really pleased by the experiences that I have heard that people have had. Many have said that afterwards they felt empty but in a good way, and that is exactly what I was aiming for.

And the five runs have now been added to the online gallery, see them here.

I’ve been allowed to share share Anne Vinter Ratzers reaction to the game. And I think she sums it up very well:

In the evening I had a deeply moving experience playing Simon James Petitt’s And That’s It… A scenario without words, with only gestures, touching and drawings as communication, it struck a chord deep inside me from the first moments, and my character – created only as a handful of drawings and relations decided in a few minutes – still lingers in my mind. We really found each other in my group, and every death tore a hole in my heart. It was emotionally exhausting, but in the best of ways. It is hard to do this scenario justice with words. I can only say that I have a deep admiration for Simon’s ability to take tragedy and sorrow and make it beautiful and gentle and deep and unforgettable at the same time.

My dream and hope for the game is to run it at a gallery or some other aesthetically pleasing place with a mix of larpers and artists for a whole day and then after that showcase the artworks that come from it.


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