Just a Little Lovin – Talking about the character

I completly forgot about this series I was doing a life sometimes eh? Oh well were are the rest at the same time, Then you can read that while I’m at JaLL (it start tomorrow)

There was one post I didn’t get around to write about costume and how to use that as a proces for your character. But I’ll get back to that 🙂

In my last post, it was all about the unstructured thinking that I’ve done about my character for Just a Little Lovin, Bruce. And how I’ve used that to deal with some of the doubts I had with it. This time, it’s how I’ve used talking to other people, as a tool to get a better grip on Bruce.

So one of the issues, I didn’t have a great handle on, is how to flirt and seduce. See that also plays a role in the game and with Bruce. He likes young men and he’s definitely the one that does the seducing. So how on earth do I (shy, and in a relationship for the last 10 years and with a history of bad oh so bad flirting before that) handle that?

Well this is where talking about the character with my friend, Anine, became very helpful. And we figured out a few things. First of all my take on dominance and manipulation works well here, (see my last post). Short recap: I mustn’t hold back myself and my ideas and compulsions out of fear for what others think, because Bruce will just do it, if it will help him get, what he wants. And Bruce will be nice and will talk others up, to get them to like him.

Or rather: when you first read Bruce, he’s easy to see as a selfish asshole, who like to be front and center. But you don’t get to the position he’s in by being a selfish asshole or you won’t at least if you show it too much. No I think Bruce is great to be around, he’s fun, charming and talks you up. But he has his own motives by doing that. So just by talking about my worry about flirting, I came to see, how my take on dominance and manipulation could be used here.

But what if it doesn’t work and someone rejects his advances? Well my friend had an answer for that, and it’s found in Bruce’s other trait: hedonistic. He likes pleasure he abhors boredom. If someone don’t want to play along he would just leave and find a party somewhere else.

I have also spend some time talking to people who have more experience in this kind of larp than me. Especially Oliver, who has been my constant consultant. Recently he visited me and we talk about many things, among which me participating in JaLL.

One thing he suggested was finding some small repeatable scenes or actions to do if one has a low moment or just needs a break. That is something I want to work with.

All in all I have talked to many people about this, more than is necessary but I find it interesting and as this is my first big larp it’s hard not to. I have talked to people who have played the game, people who I’m going to play close to in this run and so on. Each time I have left the conversation feeling more ready and less nervus.

Questions about the character
This was another thing we did a lot, when I talked with Anine about Bruce. She asked me questions about Bruce, like the one I mentioned in one of the first posts: “what will he do if someone’s dies?” And the answer to that was he or me doesn’t know. But she asked other things, that really helped me with the character.

It’s like the workshop technique called the hot chair, where you ask a player questions and he answers them truthfully about his character. Just coming up with the answers helps you build a better image of a character. But this worked even better, because her questions often came out of the blue while we were doing other things. I think she is fascinated by the game and would have signed up, if she had the time. She also a psychologist and finds asking questions rather natural.

I can’t remember many specific questions or answers, they short of flow together now. Many of the insights with the traits comes from these questions and answers, but now it’s all sort of part of my image of the character.

So this is definitely an advice, but it might be hard to follow. You need to find a friend who is fascinated by the game, by role play, and by your character, and who isn’t afraid of asking a lot of questions. Have that friend over, cook some good food together, and let the friend ask questions during it. That way your answers become more spontaneous and less forced.

If you invite me over for good food I’ll gladly pay by asking questions about someone you are about to play. I’m sure many feel the same.

2 thoughts on “Just a Little Lovin – Talking about the character

  1. Thais Munk

    If your paths come anywhere near Odense I’d like to cook good food for you and have you ask me questions for “Before we Wake” 😀

    I’ve very much enjoyed these posts btw. It’s an interesting insight into a process that I do similarly, but not completely the same.

    1. Simon Pettitt Forfatter

      Gladly I’ll keep it in mind. I hope to get my self on the reservelist for that larp, it sounds great.
      And thanks for the appreciation it’s what keeps me writing 🙂


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