Inside Myself Outside Myself – Game report

Not sure you could call this a game, not sure the designers did. It was an experiment. A group of role players, designers, artists and performers got together the day before with nothing but the intent to do something during the time slot given.

That is the background as far as I understood it, and I love that kind of mad bravery. So what was it, humm well a kind of an experience of stepping into a strange living machine, sounds strange? It was (in a good way).

No workshop, no introduction, we were just led into the room and there were the designers sitting around the place in different poses with some props scattered around the place.

We waited for some kind of introduction or just… I don’t know, a start bell. But nothing happened slowly the braver of us or them who have more experience with this kind of thing gingerly stepped in to the the room and started interacting with some of the people in there. It became clear that each of them, I wouldn’t call them designers more performers, could be activated in different ways. For example: if you gave one of them a pair of shoes from a pile he would neatly arrange them along the wall, and so on I can’t remember them all.

So slowly but with building intensity we started playing with these functions and each other. Madness took over and I at least entered a nice mindset where I just did what came to mind, something I find incredibly liberating, remind my to tell you about my one man game while walking just for me.

So we did that for awhile and suddenly strobe lights went on and the performers went to the middle and talked in codes and their behavior changed and became more complex. That happend one or more times, I can’t remember.

Afterwards we were told that they were kind of machines, and that they first only had the one function, but as the game went on they developed more and more complexity by learning from what we did.

So they would mirror our actions more and more and our actions was anyway inspired by them, so it became this kind of mad creative and chaotic feedback loop, and this only became apparent afterwards.

All in all it was quite cool game, experience whatever it was. It was cool to be part of it and see what happens when we include more people from the performance and art world in our design. Would do it again.

Good keep it short this time next time we go to some very metaphysical trenches.

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