Fastaval games in LEGO

I’ve been asked to collect my Lego versions of Fastaval games somewhere, so that will be here.


The Lego Otto

But a bit of background: It all started in 2015 when I saw the “Everything Is Awesome” song at the Oscars. They had lego Oscars, so I thought, well we need a lego Otto (the award games win at Fastaval, it’s a golden penguin). So I made one, and after kinda didn’t stop and made my lego interpretations of all the games that year.

Well that would have been that, had it not been for Facebooks “On this day” function, which reminded me of it all. And I just couldn’t help myself, so I did it again: a lego version of all the games on Fastaval 2016.

Ever since we have done LEGO versions of the years Fastaval roleplay scenarios. Here you can find them all.

Fastaval 2015 in LEGO

Fastaval 2016 in LEGO

Fastaval 2017 in LEGO

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