Fastaval 2015 – Preamble and the first half of Wednesday

So yet another Fastaval is over and as tradition dictates on this blog I will randomly ramble my way through it writing just what I think. I will try and do it short this year because as I mentioned in my last post other things need my time more, (spoiler alert: I failed at this).


#Mugshots was all the rage this year

In the weeks up to Fastaval I was worried that it would be disappointing this year because of the great experiences from The Larp Writer Summerschool, Black Box Horsens and Knudepunkt. But as we got closer and closer I felt that go away and just be replaced with a great longing. And stepping into Fastaval this wednesday, I knew that this would be good.

A few things was different for me this year:

  • I now live in the same town as Fastaval, so I could sleep at home, even though that meant a 20 minutes walk when going home (but that’s properly healthy).
  • My girlfriend Jeanette went with me or rather also went to Festival, she’s more into board games and I’m into role play, so we had very different programs, but did manage to find some time together.
  • I only had one official responsibility: be a judge for the scenario writing competition (where 18 people are given a creative challenge and then have 72 hours during Fastaval to write a scenario, and on sunday we read them and give feedback and find a winner.)
  • I therefore had time for a lot of role play, I got to play 7 (!) games, my personal record, and on friday I even played three games on one day, something I have never done before.

I didn’t help with the set up this year as I had work on monday and tuesday, luckily Jeanette went in my stead, so things went even better than normal (I’m usually just in the way with my camera.)


So us being nerds #metamugshot also became a thing.

I did drop by on tuesday evening and hung out for a bit, and just saying a bit of hallo to the people, I know would be very busy during Fastaval, so this was my chance to talk to them.

Wednesday I traveled away from Hobro (where Fastaval is held) to Århus, I had an escort quest there. My good friends Oliver and Lasse had been offered a lift from Århus if Oliver in exchange helped me look for costumes for Just a Little Lovin.
(More about that later (much, much later).)

After our exploration of the second hands stores in Århus and a lot of new ideas for my character we went to Fastaval, where I promptly threw them out of the car and went home again for a bit of cupples time and preparing before the first game: This Miracle by Lizzie Stark. And that will get it’s own post tomorrow, because it became rather long.

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