Fastaval 2015 – “And I lost my fangs” and Thursday


The character descriptions was also spot on, and really set the mood for the game. Edward had among other things the power of “Feeling of feelings”

The next game I played on thursday was “And I lost my fangs”, one of the, no wait, THE funniest game I have ever played. And I had the pleasure of playing Edward Cullen (yes that Edward Cullen) playing alongside: Count Countula, Claudia and Spike. The group was also amazing with some good friends of mine and we all had the same sense of humor. Something that the author, Cleo, did well when creating the groups by saying: play with people you know and that you share humor with, good thinking Cleo. (In all most of the authors seem to becoming really good at thinking about how to distribute the players, and thinking about what team combinations will
work the best for their game.)

The game is charmingly simple: at the beginning we get to choose between over ten different well known vampire figures, then we are told, that our characters have somehow lost our fangs, and we now in our heads have to think up a story on how that happened. We also each had to chose one of the stages of grief: Denial, Bargaining, Anger, Depression, (of course not acceptance) (for some of the characters it was obvious which one they should pick (Edward is a shoin for depression), so in our group we tried to mismatch them a bit, to make the game more interesting, so Edward got anger instead. So the story I came up with is that he had taken his own teeth out to keep Bella safe from him, but was now blaming her for not stopping him, (classic teen drama).

All the characters have signed up for Toothless Anonymous (the support group for vampires that have lost their teeth), and this is their first meeting. The GM is the therapist and takes us through some kliche group therapy drills and also just sort of guides the conversation. Our GM was really good at listening to whatever those who was not in focus was mumbling and how they reacted to things said (something Edward did a lot of) and was good at, in a very cliche therapist way, saying: “well I can see that Edward reacted very strongly to what you said, maybe Edward should tells us how he’s feeling right now.”

The game is fun, but by god our group took it to the next level. It was often very hard to keep a straight face and not laugh (Edward doesn’t laugh, it interrupts his brooding.) It’s tongue in cheek funny, and the better you know your character, the better you can have fun with the cliches around it. That why it’s so brilliant that there’s so many to chose from, every body should be able to find one they can have fun with.

I’m itching to give examples of some of the things especially Count Countualar, said but text won’t do it justice. It’s a great game, more fun than I had anticipated, thanks Cleo.

I didn’t have any games that evening, so I met up with Jeanette and we talked and played a few games and Elias also joined in later. A nice relaxed evening after a hectic day. When she went home, I went to the cafe for a long night of many talks. I for example caught up with my good friend, Lizzy, whom I got to know, when we both were interns at Østerskov Efterskole last spring. It was great to catch up with her again.

Oh btw the food this year was really good, as someone said: better than Knudepunkt. And the fact that there also was a big well stocked salad bar helped a lot. Another thing that surprised me was what a difference sleeping at home does. I didn’t get more sleep this year, if anything I got less, but I had a lot more energy than normal. I don’t think I could have played that many games had I stayed at Fastaval or even at the hostel. Lessen is: Quality of sleep means a lot more than I thought.

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