The Boy and the Milk

By Tina & Jesper Heebøll Arbjørn – Arranged by: Simon James Pettitt

A storyteller forms each scene while the other players race around the room where imagination and reality meet, and we experience the story through the five-year-old boy.

Roles are rotated before each scene in this story of the boy whose mother sends him out alone in the city to get a bottle of milk. The boy is helped by his childhood heroes, but the world is both frightful, fascinating and very big when you are just a very small boy.

Genre: Playful storytelling scenario.
Player type: For attentive players who like to tell stories and get inspired from the input of others.
Game elements: One player is the storyteller that creates the story, the other players brings it to life without speech.

Duration: 5 hours
Number of players: 8

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