For Denmark and fatherland

By: Nicolai Steffensen

The group of people look at each other and at the big heavy door. Afraid and expectant they look as it slowly closes. With a big crash shuts tight and locks. They are now alone and trapped in the bunker. Chosen by the start, it is up to them to ensure that Denmark remains even if the worst should come to pass.

The game is set in the Fallout universe, when Denmark decieds to follow the amarican exsample and build thire own “Vault”. The story follows a gruop of people who leve tiere lives behind and is shut in the bunker in case a nucleare war happens.

We follow their struggle to make the everyday work. Because how do you preserve the Danish values when you a shut in 50 meters beneath the earth. So it’s not action or horror in classic Fallout style, but more a drama and political game about ideals, humanitarianism and the lurking catastrophe. The games story will be told over three acts. First act is hope, second is decay and the last is the unthinkable.

Number of players: 10 – 15
Duration: 5-6 timer

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