By Gints Romanovskis

You remember going over some reports, you remember alarms blaring, you think you remember the shudder and rumble of an explosion. You remember getting in an escape pod, the clang of the airlock shutting, the soft hiss of sleeping gas and the thud of your pod being ejected.

You awake to silence, the pale light of a console screen and the Earth spinning slowly outside your viewport.

Blip. is a game about survivors of a spaceship disaster in Earth orbit. The players play crew members who used escape pods to get away. The causes are unknown and so is the fate of the rest of the crew. If they can just reach the atmosphere, the pods will probably land them safely.
This larp explores a sense of isolation by restricting player communication, and it explores a sense of lack of agency by giving the players limited awareness of their surroundings and limited ways of interacting. It is almost completely verbal and has an active, but non-intrusive gamemaster.

Expected run-time is 3 hours.
Optimally 4 players, can be run with 3.

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