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One of many drawings from the first playtest

That’s it. We’re done. Humanity is over. You are the last group of survivors and the first signs ofthe plague has reached you. Now you know your fate. It won’t be painful, it won’t be violent, but over the next day or so you will, one by one, fall asleep and never wake up. What do you do with your and humanity’s last day?

How do you put the loss of your friends, the loss of relations and your own imminent death to words? It’s impossible, but through the childlike act of drawing, this larp aims to get that little step closer to expressing and reflecting on these thoughts.

“…And that’s it” is a quiet, contemplative larp about loss, but also about friendship and togetherness. The play style is slow and lingering, with focus on the quietness of creating together. This is a game about putting all your emotions in small gestures, like a simple drawing, a light touch or a lingering look.

It is a tragic but beautiful game, that leaves behind a lasting impression through the drawings the characters make ingame. It’s not about being good at drawing but about putting meaning into the drawings you make through your character. Intent matters more than quality.

  • Expected run time: 5 hours
  • Number of players: 5 to 15 players, 1 GM.
  • Type: larp
  • Keywords: beautiful tragedy, utopic downfall, creative reflection.
  • Player type: You like to immerse yourself in the character and the simple but tragic story. You like to create a strong character through a thorough workshop. You like a slow and lingering game, where silence can say much more than words. You don’t need to be good at drawing, but you like the challenge in reflecting via drawing.
  • GM type: you love and master running a good and concentrated workshop. You can support and communicate the meditative slow game style that the game requires. During the game you will play the gray spirit that one by one end the characters lives.
  • Death seems to be a theme in Simon’s games, from a dying child in “The Courage of Teddies”, to the loss of loved one on a plane in “Waiting for Flight GO901”, now he has upped the ante and everybody dies in this new larp. He promises to try and not makes his next game so much about death.
  • Language: danish and english
  • Age: no requirements

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