…And that’s it – Art work

…And that’s it is my scenario for Fastaval 2017. Part of the game, is that the characters create drawings as part of their dealing with their eminent death. You can read the preview text below, for a short description of the game.

I want to document the larp, by posting the drawings made in the different runs here. So below you can see the test runs that has been made up to Fastaval, and after Fastaval I will also add those runs. The plan is that each run of the game will result in another small gallery added to this page.

Fastaval Saturday – GM Matthias Kaalund Keller – 15/04/17

Fastaval Thursday – GM Simon James Pettitt – 15/04/17

Fastaval Thursday – GM Nina Runa Essendrop – 13/04/17

Fastaval Thursday – GM Christine Agertoft Svop – 13/04/17

Fastaval Thursday – GM Simon James Pettitt – 13/04/17

GM run – Aarhus – 27/04/17

A run for my GM’s at Fastaval and a few friends from AArhus. The first time running the finished game, and it finally felt to be working all way round.

Third playtest – Østerskov Efterskole – 16/01/17

Second time testing with the students at Østerskov. It seems the students connect really strongly with the game. But as they are part of a very strong community that they know will end very soon, this resonates very strongly with the game.

Fastaval playtest day – Huset CPH – 14/01/17

Fastaval organized a playtest day. The test showed that the game and workshop was way to complicated.

First playtest – Østerskov Efterskole – 07/06/16

The first very early test of the game, at this point the characters were created by making collage from pictures. That has since been dropped.

That’s it. We’re done. Humanity is over. You are the last group of survivors and the first signs of the gray plague has reached you. Now you know your fate. It won’t be painful, it won’t be violent, but over the next day or so you will, one by one, fall asleep and never wake up. What do you do with your and humanity’s last day?

How do you put the loss of your friends, the loss of relations and your own imminent death to words? It’s impossible, but through the childlike act of drawing, this larp aims to get that little step closer to expressing and reflecting on these thoughts.

“…And that’s it” is a quiet, contemplative larp about loss, but also about friendship and togetherness. The play style is slow and lingering, with focus on the quietness of creating together. This is a game about putting all your emotions in small gestures, like a simple drawing, a light touch or a lingering look.

It is a tragic but beautiful game, that leaves behind a lasting impression through the drawings the characters make ingame. It’s not about being good at drawing but about putting meaning into the drawings you make through your character. Intent matters more than quality.

Read the full preview here

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