A Love Actually Larp?

In a drunken haze of zinfandel and “Love Actually” I’ve had the idea to work on a Love Actually larp. Properly black box, as you could do the many different settings that way.

It would be like the film: a range of short stories interwinding with each other through the characters knowing each other in different ways, just like in the film.

It would have a very strong of element theatre, as I would make the scenes pretty set. I’m talking at the level of “The Journey.”

The stories would be from the film or inspired by them, with one extra from the extra material, (a beautiful one about the gay headmistress at the school and her dying lover.) They will need some rewriting to fit roleplay, and be opened up for a bit of interpretation from the players.

In basic the stories will be frameworks, but it’s up to the players to give them depth and feeling. Very fastaval style I think.

The number of players can very a lot, because the players pick the story they want to play and then the number of players decides the number of stories and then we need some kind of system to work out who knows who and how, depending of which narratives are present in this playthrough.

But that also means the the run time is completely dependent on the number of players.

But what do you think?

Just a quick idea I wrote at christmas, but haven’t gotten online until now.

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