Vesterfjord – Portraits of Places

I want to become better at filming and editing. So I have set myself a little challenge:
I have to publish a film once a week.

To keep it simple in the beginning, I’m making something I for fun call “Portraits of Places.”

The idea is that I film a certain place, and though visual means try and show what kind of a place this is.

Why should you watch them? Well other than to give me some helpful feedback, so I can become better, I try to make these first films simple, pretty and relaxing. So use the films as a little short break to look at something nice and uncomplicated.

I have had the idea for some time, so the first films are from the autumn and winter. But in this heat I think that is a welcome reminder, that it will get colder again.

I hope you enjoy the film, read about Vesterfjord below:


The first place I portray is Vesterfjord near Hobro. It’s a brackish lake, that used to be the end tip of Mariagerfjord. But the town of Hobro, that lies between Vesterfjord and the rest of Mariagerfjord grew bigger and in the end the connection between Vesterfjord and the sea became a small stream, turning Vesterfjord into a lake.

Because Hobro practically lies around this little oasis of nature it is a favorited walking spot for many locals. I often walked around it, when I lived in Hobro. It’s nice for a short walk, if you don’t want to brave the longer routes that the area is full of.

The cows in the film graze the marsh lands that surround the lake, to keep it from overgrowing. A small sign friendly informs the public that this bread of cow apparently is adapt at this kind of wetland.

This first film is edited on iMovie, but since then I have moved to Premiere Pro, so I can’t make changes to it. If I could I would properly have reduced the amount of time the snail gets, and cut the last few clips.

I hope you enjoy this little silly break.

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