Fastaval 2015 – Deranged and start of friday

The big one, my record breaking three games day. I started out with Deranged, that later went on to win three ottoes (the oscar of Danish role play and one of the reasons the games at Fastaval are of so high quality.) What amazed me was the player composition, they were mostly over 30, most of them very experienced, and the ones I knew was of the same player type.

It just gos to show what a well written preview can do, they got just the right players, (oh and a strong clear theme, such as classical music.) This actually ties in to one of the points in my post about what games I wanted to play: be honest about what your game is and who should play it. Don’t beat around the bush, just to get more players.

I ended up with yet another international group alongside Lasse, who also played in my group from Distance. It’s become apparent, that if you play a lot with international participants, you will end up playing a lot with the same people. Luckily Lasse is competent and fun, so it’s kind of a first world problem. The other players were: Lars Nyberg a singer (!) and a british girl with the loveliest british accent (I often long for good accents from my second home country.) She turned out to never ever have played role play before, but you really couldn’t tell, she did a great job.

Deranged have the flow I felt This Miracle (and as you shall later see “Things that happen to other people”) lacked. It had a lot of scenes, and they had clearly worked very hard at creating a perfect cutting technique.

The frame of the game is that the german composer Robert Schumann is dyeing at a mental institution alone and mad. As life slowly leaves him, he remembers central scenes in his life and tries to make sense of it all, in his mind creating a symphony from his own memories. But because this all takes place within his deranged mind, things doesn’t have to makes sense, we can jump back and forth in time and even play some of the same scenes several times. We were actually encouraged to play the same scenes several times rather than try and play many different scenes. The whole point being the scene could be changed, he could remember it in a new light or focus on something else, or even change it.


Like this:

The way it is done is where the flow comes in:
On one of the walls in the room a lot of scenes was arranged in three acts. But not just in any odd way, they are arranged as notes on a sheet of music paper, (it looked great, and became a backdrop for the game.) There’s three acts or stages (each with a separate overall theme), in the beginning we can only choose from the first act, but as soon as someone picks a scene from the second act we can start to play that as well, and the same with the third, så we ourselves decide the tempo of the game, although the GM could place a symbol signaling that now there was only 20 minutes left. But we still decided when it ended by someone picking the epilog scene.

So we would play a scene, when one of the players, even those not on stage started saying a certain line from a piece of music written by the character you played (we all played historical characters and it was their music that was used) that meant the scene had ended, but we would continue to say the sentence either going lower or higher until the music the sentence was from started. (Mine was “Die Rose Die Lilje”) While that music played one of the players (didn’t matter which one) would just chose a scene read it out and then we would play it.

So the cutting and pacing of the game was completely in the hands of the players. It was done on an individual basis, but we still managed to create something coherent. It’s interesting that it can be such a cooperation even though the choices where individual.

When I talked to Marie and Jeppe afterwards they said they wanted us to do it in silence and not by talking about where to go now and what to do. I think we did that a bit too much, in our group, and as a GM I would have been more strict with this rule. This is intuition not planning, but like my post about Distance, it’s a taste thing. But it was a beautiful game both to play and to watch. I kinda want to run it now.

Fastaval 2015 – “And I lost my fangs” and Thursday


The character descriptions was also spot on, and really set the mood for the game. Edward had among other things the power of “Feeling of feelings”

The next game I played on thursday was “And I lost my fangs”, one of the, no wait, THE funniest game I have ever played. And I had the pleasure of playing Edward Cullen (yes that Edward Cullen) playing alongside: Count Countula, Claudia and Spike. The group was also amazing with some good friends of mine and we all had the same sense of humor. Something that the author, Cleo, did well when creating the groups by saying: play with people you know and that you share humor with, good thinking Cleo. (In all most of the authors seem to becoming really good at thinking about how to distribute the players, and thinking about what team combinations will
work the best for their game.)

The game is charmingly simple: at the beginning we get to choose between over ten different well known vampire figures, then we are told, that our characters have somehow lost our fangs, and we now in our heads have to think up a story on how that happened. We also each had to chose one of the stages of grief: Denial, Bargaining, Anger, Depression, (of course not acceptance) (for some of the characters it was obvious which one they should pick (Edward is a shoin for depression), so in our group we tried to mismatch them a bit, to make the game more interesting, so Edward got anger instead. So the story I came up with is that he had taken his own teeth out to keep Bella safe from him, but was now blaming her for not stopping him, (classic teen drama).

All the characters have signed up for Toothless Anonymous (the support group for vampires that have lost their teeth), and this is their first meeting. The GM is the therapist and takes us through some kliche group therapy drills and also just sort of guides the conversation. Our GM was really good at listening to whatever those who was not in focus was mumbling and how they reacted to things said (something Edward did a lot of) and was good at, in a very cliche therapist way, saying: “well I can see that Edward reacted very strongly to what you said, maybe Edward should tells us how he’s feeling right now.”

The game is fun, but by god our group took it to the next level. It was often very hard to keep a straight face and not laugh (Edward doesn’t laugh, it interrupts his brooding.) It’s tongue in cheek funny, and the better you know your character, the better you can have fun with the cliches around it. That why it’s so brilliant that there’s so many to chose from, every body should be able to find one they can have fun with.

I’m itching to give examples of some of the things especially Count Countualar, said but text won’t do it justice. It’s a great game, more fun than I had anticipated, thanks Cleo.

I didn’t have any games that evening, so I met up with Jeanette and we talked and played a few games and Elias also joined in later. A nice relaxed evening after a hectic day. When she went home, I went to the cafe for a long night of many talks. I for example caught up with my good friend, Lizzy, whom I got to know, when we both were interns at Østerskov Efterskole last spring. It was great to catch up with her again.

Oh btw the food this year was really good, as someone said: better than Knudepunkt. And the fact that there also was a big well stocked salad bar helped a lot. Another thing that surprised me was what a difference sleeping at home does. I didn’t get more sleep this year, if anything I got less, but I had a lot more energy than normal. I don’t think I could have played that many games had I stayed at Fastaval or even at the hostel. Lessen is: Quality of sleep means a lot more than I thought.

Fastaval 2015 – Distance and Thursday

Being home at 3. am the day before I was up for an “early” start with my first game at 11 and even worse I had to gm it. It was the well written pearl Distance, I ended up with an international group just minutes before game start, as we would have had to reject them, if I didn’t grab it. And I also didn’t get acces to our play room before that point, so all in all a bit stressful start. But even though I didn’t perform, at my top game and used to much time on the introduction and warm up we ended with a good experience.


An important part was awkward skype conversations, and the instructions on how to run them was good.

In Distance the players are three Danish women whose husbands are stationed in Afghanistan. It’s a melodramatic tragedy, where the distance that this situation creates end up ruining the three marriages in three different ways. It’s for only three players and each player plays one of the wives as a main character and one of the soldiers as a supporting character.

This is very important and quite well described, it’s all about the wives and when you are playing the soldier you need to remember that and put pressure in the wives situation. The wife can also create a lot of the distance and tension, but it’s very much up to the husband to challenge the wife.

It’s a really well written game (and it did go on to win the Otto for best written material), it’s the level of Reservoir Elves, one of my favorite games to GM. Both are page turners, meant in the way that as soon as you are running it, all you have to do is turn a page, set the scene, give what ever instructions there is, start the scene and cut the scene, (maybe throw in a few instructions during the scene.)

One thing though, I’m not sure it’s a weakness, but it’s as challenge: there’s a lot of scenes. 30 or something like that in a game meant for 3 hours. Now it didn’t help that I spend too much time on the warm up, but the scenes are supposed to be short (no really short) and to the point. You can’t hold back or dwell on things, get to the point and intensify straight way.

That is not something I like, but I can see it work, but my group was on the same page as me, they wanted to dwell and it worked, the game is still good and strong with this playstyle. But I had to cut some scenes, for this to work.

I think that it’s good to be aware of the style you want, but If I was to hack it I would cut the scenes by maybe up to half and have them longer. But it’s a taste thing. I still think it’s a really good game, and I could run it again, and with the right group I would like to try it fastpased.

And straight after that game all of us had to run to other activities for the short games bloc (Fastaval has two long runs each day at 11.00 and 20.00 and a short two hour block for short quick games at 16.30.) But luckily I caught up and got to talk with some of the players later, and they seemed satisfied.

Fastaval 2015 – This Miracle and Wednesday evening

This Miracle was a game that was very interesting from a designer’s viewpoint. It let us, via shared storytelling, create the myths of a religion. We were divided into three groups and each group told a story together by taking turns saying a sentence. We each got a theme to tell from, so my group had to do a story dealing with ethics and that had to end with a morale, another group had to do an genesis story that told the creation of this world, (or how this religion believed it happened), and one had to do a revelation story, about the divine revealing something to the mortals.


After the game the artifacts we had created was displayed in the central area of Fastaval. Cool idea.

All three stores was of course very different, but because religion is this kind mismatch of stories it didn’t really matter (just look at the old testament). After we had told our story, we did it again and again each time having to shorten it, say less and less but still tell the same story. Just like religious stories are shorten down, so we don’t have to repeat the whole thing every time. After that we build some artifacts that came from this story, so ours had three eggs in it because they had played a central role in our story.


The artifacts from the second run.

Then we told this shortened version to one of the other groups and and gave them the artifacts. And we got told a story as well and also got artifacts. Now the challenge was to create a ritual based on the story, we had gotten told and the artifacts we were given. The story we were told was one of a young woman going through challenges in the darkness, but surviving because of visions of the spark that guided her path. In the end turning her humble shepherd staff into a spear of light and that way defeating the evil.

So we created a ceremony, where we stood in a circle and everyone confessed a weakness or fear while passing the staff along, and everyone else would repeat this. Then the staff was ceremoniously turned into the the spear (like wine into blood) and passed back with each person repeating her weakness and the giver of sper would chant “you have the spark inside” everyone else would repeat this, then the person who had confessed the fear would chant: “The spark will light my way.” It was a simple and cool ritual, that I’m really surprised came out from just us random people telling stories and building together.

So now we had three rituals. Then we from a very short workshop each created a pilgrim who had traveled to a holy place with a group of others to go through the three rituals because they were facing a life crisis, that we came up with ourselves, based on an archetype we had been given. (We had been given this at the start of the game and kinda had to do the storytelling as this archetype, but it ended up (and worked better this way) by being out of character, but with the archetype as an inspirational tool.

The flow of the game was a bit bumpy and with a lot of little out of character interruptions. Roleplay is always like this, but having become a black box junky, I’m really starting to find flow important. I like it when a chamber larp or word based game is seamless and cut, brakes and other instructions fit in with the theme. This lacked this a bit, but it was a minor thing.

Other small things could improve upon the game. Right now, as it stands, the important bit is the religion creation, and the role play bit is mostly there to try out the rituals, we had created. But with a bit of work and focus on flow, I think the role play part could become stronger. Also the whole archetype element is cool, but the building part should be done out of character in a black box like workshop.

I could imagine this game being really good in a black box, where you create some seamlessness with lighting and sound. So Lizzy if you are reading this: this is an informal invitation to come (or send someone) to Black Box Horsens and run This Miracle as a black box game.

After that game I talked to some of the other players, (just can’t remember who) until we casually looked at the time, and it was two in the morning. With that discovery, we went to the bar to just grab one drink before going to bed. Luckily we were just in time to see the first Otto Channel show (a sketch tv show made by some brilliant amateurs each year to poke fun of us all)

And that was the first day like the rest of Fastaval over in a blur and already now feels like something that happened ages ago.

Fastaval 2015 – Preamble and the first half of Wednesday

So yet another Fastaval is over and as tradition dictates on this blog I will randomly ramble my way through it writing just what I think. I will try and do it short this year because as I mentioned in my last post other things need my time more, (spoiler alert: I failed at this).


#Mugshots was all the rage this year

In the weeks up to Fastaval I was worried that it would be disappointing this year because of the great experiences from The Larp Writer Summerschool, Black Box Horsens and Knudepunkt. But as we got closer and closer I felt that go away and just be replaced with a great longing. And stepping into Fastaval this wednesday, I knew that this would be good.

A few things was different for me this year:

  • I now live in the same town as Fastaval, so I could sleep at home, even though that meant a 20 minutes walk when going home (but that’s properly healthy).
  • My girlfriend Jeanette went with me or rather also went to Festival, she’s more into board games and I’m into role play, so we had very different programs, but did manage to find some time together.
  • I only had one official responsibility: be a judge for the scenario writing competition (where 18 people are given a creative challenge and then have 72 hours during Fastaval to write a scenario, and on sunday we read them and give feedback and find a winner.)
  • I therefore had time for a lot of role play, I got to play 7 (!) games, my personal record, and on friday I even played three games on one day, something I have never done before.

I didn’t help with the set up this year as I had work on monday and tuesday, luckily Jeanette went in my stead, so things went even better than normal (I’m usually just in the way with my camera.)


So us being nerds #metamugshot also became a thing.

I did drop by on tuesday evening and hung out for a bit, and just saying a bit of hallo to the people, I know would be very busy during Fastaval, so this was my chance to talk to them.

Wednesday I traveled away from Hobro (where Fastaval is held) to Århus, I had an escort quest there. My good friends Oliver and Lasse had been offered a lift from Århus if Oliver in exchange helped me look for costumes for Just a Little Lovin.
(More about that later (much, much later).)

After our exploration of the second hands stores in Århus and a lot of new ideas for my character we went to Fastaval, where I promptly threw them out of the car and went home again for a bit of cupples time and preparing before the first game: This Miracle by Lizzie Stark. And that will get it’s own post tomorrow, because it became rather long.

Beings – Creatingers / Skabninger – Væringer

Have you ever noticed the little difference between the danish word “skabninger?” (literally: creatingers) and the english word: “beings.” They are both a very neutral word for something that exists and is alive. But in danish the emphasis in on the ability to create, or that they are created, whereas in english the focus is on being, as in being present in the world.

I’m just home from the big Danish role play convention Fastaval. As I always do, I’ll write how it was and write about each game. But I won’t go into the amount of detail that I usually do, I don’t have time for that. Other more profitable projects needs that energy. And before I even can get started on that, I just have to present this game I made in sleepless mania last night.

The idea started when Danny Wilson and me debated the game masterless scenarios and him being always uncompromising said: very rarely is it true GM’less, a briefing player for example is still a kind of GM. He then said: “A true GM’less scenario is one where the players enter the room, and then plays the game without any beforehand instructions from anyone.” You can’t say that and not having me try that. And I failed, as you will see, but the game that came from it is ehm… interesting.

The players enter a starting room, as they enter a GM bids them welcome at the door, tells them not to speak from now on until the game is done and hand them the preview text (which is the same as the text people could read when signing up.) That is this text:

Beings – Creatingers

The beings awaken
They know nothing
What are they?
Who are they?
Where are they?
What are the others here?
Who are the others here?
Why are they?
They explore themselves, their surroundings, the others
Maybe they find answers

You now have the opportunity to take on the role as one of these beings and be there, as it discovers its self, its surroundings, the other beings and ponder the meaning. The other participants around you will do the same, and together you will have an experience of being and creating.

Rules must be followed
You may not express words in speech, writing or any other form
Your experience starts when the door closes, then you are your being
Your experience ends when you leave the room, then you are yourself again
Text is invisible for the begins
Instructions in text must be followed by the participants

Safety Rules:
Hiss: you disagree, you want less of that
Hum: you agree, you want more of that

An experience for participants that are curious, open, can support each other, read the room, wants to try something different, that want to have an experience of exploring existence as something different than yourself.

Place yourself in the circle if you want to play

Anyone who goes into the circle will be taken by a GM to the room that has been set up for this, and is shown a sign by a GM that reads: “Lie down here, breathe slowly and deep.” When all that want to play is placed a GM leaves the room and closes the door. As the players exit they a given a piece of paper by a GM with debrief instructions, when those are done the game is over.

I will not say anything about what the room contains, in case I at any point actually run this game. But I think and hope that you get some hints from the preview text.

Will I run this game? I think so, just for fun, but there’s a great risk in it being completely unplayable, but it was an experience designing it. If you want to be part of a test of this game feel free to contact me.

And that’s it, I hope I can sleep to night, please?

What did I sign up for then?

So before the madness of Knudepunkt and Black Box Horsens I did a series of post about each game at Fastaval and how tempted I was to play them from the teaser text. Basically my sign up thoughts for you all to see. Read the first one of them here.

So of course I have to do a post about what I actually ended up signing up for and what I ended up getting. And it’s fitting to write this just a few days before Fastaval.

This is what I signed up for:
This Miracle – 1. and 2. priority
Teddy Says Hide – 1. and 2. priority
Hope Was the Last Thing: A Canadian Grail Quest – 2. and 3. priority
Room – 1. and 1. priority
Distance – Game master
Model Protectorates – 2. and 3. priority
Isabelle – 3. and 4. priority
And I lost my fangs … – 1.prioritet
Tales from Five Fallen Realms – 2., 2. and 3. priority
Things that happen to other people – 1. og 1. priority
Deranged – 1. og 2. priority
Demons – 2. og 3. priority
Children of Dunsain – 4. priority
Prunes and Prejudice – 1. and 2. priority
Lethal Wings – 3. and 4. priority
Augusta’s Shadow – 3. priority

This is what I got:
Wednesday: This Miracle
Thursday: Distance
Thursday: And I lost my fangs…
Friday: Deranged
Friday: Prunes and Prejudice
Saturday: Things that happen to other people

This is a great pick, but I still wish I gotten Room and Teddy says hide. Oh well maybe I get a chance at Fastaval or later. And this amount of plays is properly a good amount and still a lot more than i usually do.

And I also have a few other things during this Fastaval, there’s the scenario writing competition (where the challenge is to write a scenario during Fastaval) which I’m a judge for, and this year we also have a short meet up for all the participants of it, where they can talk to us judges and get some inspiration and feedback from us and each other. It will be interesting to see how many takes advantage of this.

And on saturday at eight o’clock we the people behind Black Box Horsens have a meetup to talk about Black Box Horsens 2016 which we have just have the pleasure of announcing, more on this later.

In short:
I can’t wait for a great Fastaval to begin.

A Love Actually Larp?

In a drunken haze of zinfandel and “Love Actually” I’ve had the idea to work on a Love Actually larp. Properly black box, as you could do the many different settings that way.

It would be like the film: a range of short stories interwinding with each other through the characters knowing each other in different ways, just like in the film.

It would have a very strong of element theatre, as I would make the scenes pretty set. I’m talking at the level of “The Journey.”

The stories would be from the film or inspired by them, with one extra from the extra material, (a beautiful one about the gay headmistress at the school and her dying lover.) They will need some rewriting to fit roleplay, and be opened up for a bit of interpretation from the players.

In basic the stories will be frameworks, but it’s up to the players to give them depth and feeling. Very fastaval style I think.

The number of players can very a lot, because the players pick the story they want to play and then the number of players decides the number of stories and then we need some kind of system to work out who knows who and how, depending of which narratives are present in this playthrough.

But that also means the the run time is completely dependent on the number of players.

But what do you think?

Just a quick idea I wrote at christmas, but haven’t gotten online until now.

My journey through Knudepunkt 2015 – Sunday and monday

That’s it it’s all done, no more to hang on to. Now normal life awaits, but luckily that also contains some interesting beginnings. More about that later.

– After just a few hours sleep I wake up to the sound of packing. Still buzzing (but not drunk), especially from that last talk with Petra, I start packing.
– Can hear music and shouting somewhere, what is going on? Notice that people are taking their IKEA bedding out of the room. Think I better do that as well.

70-IMG_1244– Enter a big room, people are furiously and with great big smiles sorting out all the IKEA bedding and putting it into bags. Music is playing, it’s a creacy scene. I smile, as I again see how we roleplayers can make even the must dump and boring task amazing by making it a game and by playing with it.

– I smile and join in. I’m sent out with a group clearing out rooms of any left over bedding and bringing it to the sorting room.

– It’s a very strange experience arriving with a pile of bedding and having people cheer at the sight of you and more work to do. God I love this crowd.

72-IMG_1253– Walk to the main venue and help a bit with the clean up and eat some breakfast. Then see that people are going to the War Larp. Think: uh I want to see that, and join them. (War larp is a huge danish yearly larp inspired by warhammer, where you fight in strict formations like in warhammer fantasy battle).

– My intention is just to watch, but suddenly I find myself picking up a sword and shield and join a group.
73-IMG_1266– Most of the groups are friends or fellow nationals but mine as an assortment of strangers from all over the world so naturally we call ourselves: The Foreign Legion.
– It’s great fun, an organizer helps by instructing us and guides us on how to work as a formation.
– Even in the short while we played we develop a feeling of camaraderie with our group. This is the way to play fantasy larp.

– At the farewell ceremony I feel an overwhelming sense of happiness. Nothing concrete, just happy! I even tear up a bit.

– We from op in a big circle, and the groups that helped make KP are called out and walk to the center of the circle for a well deserved round of applause. It was a proud moment when A week and Black Box Horsens was called out and I could join that group of great people. God Black Box Horsens feels so long away now.

– Cleaning, cleaning, cleaning.

77-IMG_1309– The four(!) busses arrive to take most people to copenhagen and beyond. A lot of goodbyes, a lot of hugs and hope to see you soons. I make it a point to pop into each buss and shout thanks and goodbye to the people there. That was healthy I think.
– The busses leave. Those of us left behind waye and then back to:

– Cleaning, cleaning, cleaning, Charles smash! Everything is awesome! cleaning. Even in our truly tired state we managed to make it fun and mad.

78-IMG_1325– We are done with the clean up, the last bus arrives at the same time as my girlfriend. Say the last goodbyes and drive of. KP is over.
– Plan to sleep in car end up talking the whole way home.

– Get up early, have to be a substitute teacher, luckily we just have to see a film.
– The film is “Hooligans”, and a strong theme is camaraderie and community
– The film hits home with a lot of KP emotions.
IMG_1340– Take a long walk in the woods afterwards and let all the emotions bubble up and slowly settle down.
– End up at a hotel in the woods and buy a cup of coffee and start to write the first draft of these texts.
– Go home. Feel happy…

– Writing these last words. KP is now completely over. But I don’t feel sad, over the last few days I have had the privilege of relieving KP while my body have battled a week KP plague.
– And in my near future is other great and scary things and projects. There’s Fastaval, maybe a larp book, The Courage of Teddies book, and black box larp poems for drama classes, and, and, and.

– Robbie Williams just finished
“One for my baby” as I press copy paste to move the text into my blog. It’s all over now.

Thank you all, I hope my words was useful, they were for me.
And thank you all for a KP beyond words.
Hope to see you soon.
– Simon

My journey through Knudepunkt 2015 – Saturday part two

So the party gets it’s own post impressive, but it was also long and a lot happened. And the post also ended up being rather long, how did that happen?


– The theme for the parti is the seven deadly sins and the four virtues. But I opt to just put on my suit and a tie I have wanted to show off for a long time, (my Rosettastone tie).
– Walkover, straight away meet people more of the lovely but all melted together by now greeting, lose talking and so on. I remember surprisingly many recognising my tie, which is nice.

66-IMG_1236– But people in general talked about each others costumes, which is understandable as there were many beautiful, cool or just funny costumes.
– Meet Signe talk about the Summer School. She has signed up, and hopes to get in, later in the evening I put in a good word for her. It’s strange but having been there you want as many others to have that experience as well.

– Meet Stuart also from the summer school, pretty much the first time I see him at KP. We start talking and somehow end up talking about doing a larp book, a kind of follow up to “Larps From the Factory”. We both love that book but also feel that more are needed or that book will become too much a representative of nordic larps, which is sad as there is so much more.

IMG_1207– We talk about useing the summer school as the starting point, there’s a lot of great games made there via the Larporatory, and many of the participants have since made games on their own. Also there have been played great games there as part of the curriculum, such as the legendary “White Death” and isn’t it time that got published?

– We corner Martin, one of the organizers, and talk with him enthusiastically. He’s wearing a lions mask and makeup and remarks: “it’s hard to take myself seriously like this.” But we don’t mind, we don’t care, we want to do this. During the conversation he also tells us that the summer school organizers would be willing to support such a project by covering some transport costs.

– As he leaves, we continue and talk about broadening the scope. Stuart suggest the title: “The Chamberlarp Revolution.” I’m sceptical because that takes the focus away from the summer school (my inner journalist wants a clear angle), but he remarks: “and is that a problem? why limit ourselves?” I can’t think of an answer to that, and the more I have thought about it, the more I agree, that could be cool. Use the summer school as the starting point and foundation but widen the scope to the whole chamberlarp scene.

– Later I walk past Stuart talking to Trine and Lizzy, some of the people behind “Larps from the Factory.” I’m dragged into the conversation, and we get a lot of good advice on the idea and a lot of support. Lizzy even offers to let us use her network of american proofreaders. This project is slowly getting harder and harder to say no to.

– At this point Trine looks at me and says: “don’t feel pressured to do this, only do it if you really want to do it.” I know I want to do it, but do I have time for it? It was great of her to say it, kind of someone reminding you of the opt out rule during role play. I now know that if I do it, it will be my own choice.

IMG_1198– At the beginning of the party Claus had introduced the theme and that around the place all the sins and virtues was represented in different ways. I only managed to find some of them.

– At the back of the Bazaar was a huge table filled with candy, that must have been gluttony, and the big high school reunion like photostage would be pride, where me, Signe and Rhiannon had some rather spontaneous pictures taken in front of I think three flashing cameras, very Hollywood.

64-IMG_1227– A relaxing cuddle puddle was sloth where I spend a few minutes relaxing but couldn’t keep still so of I went again. But that is all I found, did any find the others?

– Later me and Signe discover a blues dancing room in mordor, slow music and a lot of very stylish dancing. And thats the second time I had to help out a girl, this time Signe just wanted away from a guy dancing a bit too awkwardly. And I even experience a girl asking my to dance. I love dancing, but am not very good at it, but did my best, and it was nice being the one being asked.

– When at KP you see someone sitting down in a circle, you join in, something strange might be happening, so when I saw Piotr organizing people in a circle I joined in. It turned out someone had challenged him to do a spontaneous workshop, so he did one on flirting. Some good bits, but need work, but high five for doing it.

65-IMG_1234– That was interrupted by the sound of rhythmic clapping, Erik Fatland had started up a ritual workshop. That was crazy, disorganised, spontaneous and very very fun. I’m so glad I joined in on that.

– Wow writing this, I can see that that one party was so full of all these little happenings all the time. This is a great crowd. If someone does something mad, others join in rather than just looking at it with a frown.

IMG_1208– While walking around I suddenly hear singeing and see a group of the College of Wizardry is recording a song for the larp in an empty hallway.

– At some point I had a break by talking to Morten and Frederikke, who run the local larp campaign “Fladlandssagaen” in Hobro where I recently moved to. I’ve wanted to join in, but never having done campaign larps before, I’m not sure how. We talk for a good bit and decided I’m going to join their npc crew. I’m looking forward to that.

– Later me and Frederikke talked about her concussion, how it was to be her, a young but sometimes a bit too admired girl in the larp community and also about her work, bringing more young girls in to larp. It’s so important for me to have these conversation with people, I need more different aspects on life. It’s why I became a journalist. It’s why I role play.

– She has also signed up for the summer school, so later I brought her and Åslaug together so they could meet, those two needed to meet. I would never have done that, but here at Kp: You. Just. Do!

– Later I joined the dance floor with some of the belarusians such great people.
– It was getting late, people slowly going home, walk around a bit suddenly hear folk music. In a corridor someone was playing and sing folk music, this is a mad place, I keep telling you that. Join in on that as well. It really brought me back to my time in scotland.

– At very late I see green haired Petra sitting by herself. I join her and we end up talking for a long time. We are both in the same situation, educated in journalism but drawn to other things. It was a brilliant, strange talk that still haunts me. I the: “I know what I should do not sure I dare it” kind of way.

– The party slowly fading out, I roam around a bit and finally decide, that that was it for me. when I go to bed the time is 7.40 so that must have been a night well spent.

Tomorrow sunday and maybe even a bit monday. Let’s see. This has been great yet hard to write, and I have spent way too much time on it. But I have enjoyed it a lot. This has kept my KP experience going for longer.