News during Fastaval – What do you want?

This blog post will be in English, because I might direct some traffic here from Fastavals Facebook page, which is held in english.

As some of you know, I’ve been asked to be in charge of communications for Fastaval, and right now I’m the one running the Facebook page, the event on Facebook, the Twitter account and the frontpage news of

After a bit of a bumpy start, where I tried out a few different things, that really didn’t get much attention, we are now up and running well, and posting news most days, and will try to do so until Fastaval.

But what about during Fastaval? And that is where you come in. I want to know, what you would like to see happen on these sites during Fastaval?

Heres what I think: There’s two kind of audience during Fastaval: those at Fastaval, and those at home.

Those at home what to get a glimpse of the mood this year and some news about what is going on, I think they want pictures and funny updates about strange things that define this year from other Fastavals.

But those at Fastaval what do they want, if anything? Well last year I noticed that quite a few was on Facebook even when they were at Fastaval, but they were mostly sending out news themselves, about their Fastaval. So I was thinking, what they would want is warnings of a more general kind, the one you don’t get an sms for. Such as: in one hour there will be live music in the cafe and so on.

So my idea is in advanced program some updates about what is going to happen when, and of cause do that during Fastaval as more spontaneous things happen. But also during Fastaval post pictures of the mood and activities during Fastaval.

Of Course the amount I post will depend on the time I have to spare to do it in. But one or two each day should be possible.

But what do you think? And what would you like to see and read about on our Facebook page and Twitter? and please when you respond, write whether you are going to Fastaval or not.

Ps: to save time I expect to use and app, so I post the same to Twitter and Facebook simultaneously. A bit spammy but I think it’s slightly different audiences.

One thought on “News during Fastaval – What do you want?

  1. Kristian

    I think it would be cool to champion twitter some more on and during Fastaval. If people were tweeting and using the #Fastaval it would be great way for people there to feel the buzz and ditto for the poor people at home. It could be used for reviews, shout-outs, lost’n’found and whatnot.


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