My thoughts on the Fastaval 2015 games – part 3

On to part 3 with Canadians and angsty vampires.
Just a quick summary of how I do this:

I won’t write much on what the game is about, just my thoughts, you can read about the games themselves on the webpage, I’ll link to each game.

When we sign up for Fastaval, we have to give the games we want to play a priority from one (I really, really, really wanna play this game) to four (if there’s nothing else, I want to play this game) or just nothing.

In this write up I’ll give each game a “Do I want to play this?” priority from 1 (a lot) to 5 (ah properly not, not that it’s a bad game, it’s just not for me.)


Mads is a master of the bitter comedy, the hidden jealousy, the fake smiles and the resentment hidden underneath and the humor you can get from such unpleasant characters and the awkward situations they end up in. And he does it really well. And that is why this game is in no way for me.

Do I want to play this?: 5
Nope, never because it will be good at what it wants to do.

Teddy Says Hide

Oh Danny you sad messed up child, this sounds horrible and awesome, and I like this sentence in the about the author text:

“Danny tried really hard to think up something heart-warming and comfortable for this year’s Fastaval. Then it got all screwed up.”

Yes Danny it sounds like it really did, and even though horror and nasty games are not my thing, I’m really tempted to try this one.

Do I want to play this?: 2
Do I dare?

Hope Was the Last Thing: A Canadian Grail Quest

This was one of those games where I read the title and thought ugh no thanks! Then I read the text and I was in love!

Go read the premise for this game, really do it, aw it’s just so beautiful. One thing that makes me hesitant, it’s a game about hope in the worst circumstances. The main characters really have the odds stacked against them.

But can they lose? I don’t think I could play such a hard story for four hours and then lose, that would just break my heart. I’m fine with the hard journey, but not without the reward at the end.

And this game could go either way, and if it’s up to the players in an even slightly gamist way then that would probably ruin the experienc for me. (I would spend all my time thinking “am I now doing something now that will make us lose later?”)

Do I want to play this?: 2
That really depends is there any hope?

In a galaxy nearby not so long ago

Again I really like the premise for this story, a nice take on Star Wars and the way storytelling influence the truth, (if there is such a thing)

What I don’t like is that she is unclear on if Star Wars knowledge is required, the text tries to be funny on that point but ends up leaving you in doubt.

Anyway I’m not enough of a Star Wars fan to really get excited about this game.

Do I want to play this?: 4
It sounds cool, and some will rock it, just not me.


This is actually a rewrite of an older and very classic game, so if you want to see what the Fastaval style is all about but in an updated way, this is the game for you. A must for internationals, which is why it’s sad that the text is not in english yet.

I really like the text, the flavor text is actually well written, gruesome in it’s beauty and the game is honest about itself, this is about angsty vampires, but it’s well done.

I don’t think it’s a game for me but you can be absolutely sure that the craftsmanship is great, Lars have written for many years and always delivers games of great quality, and just that makes me consider it.

Do I want to play this?: 3
Kinda even though the genre doesn’t speak to me, this is one of those that will prebler fall for time constraints ie: there’s other games thats more for me but if Fastaval was for a week I might find the time for this one.

Mana Burn

This just sounds so unpleasant in a good way, a truth (without the dare) version of Magic played among four girlfriends and then things turn nasty.

But when you look at the player type and GM type it kind of splits in my mind, now it sounds like to be more about the game Magic. I really like the idea of seeing what kind of gameplay you can get out of such a card game, but it’s unclear what is important, the emotional nasty play or the playing magic, but maybe it’s both, also i’m not sure if it’s a dark comedy or meant to be taken seriously, properly a bit of both also.

Do I want to play this?: 4
Not sure why but this doesn’t really get me going, so I don’t think it’s one I’ll be going for.

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