My journey through Knudepunkt 2015 – Sunday and monday

That’s it it’s all done, no more to hang on to. Now normal life awaits, but luckily that also contains some interesting beginnings. More about that later.

– After just a few hours sleep I wake up to the sound of packing. Still buzzing (but not drunk), especially from that last talk with Petra, I start packing.
– Can hear music and shouting somewhere, what is going on? Notice that people are taking their IKEA bedding out of the room. Think I better do that as well.

70-IMG_1244– Enter a big room, people are furiously and with great big smiles sorting out all the IKEA bedding and putting it into bags. Music is playing, it’s a creacy scene. I smile, as I again see how we roleplayers can make even the must dump and boring task amazing by making it a game and by playing with it.

– I smile and join in. I’m sent out with a group clearing out rooms of any left over bedding and bringing it to the sorting room.

– It’s a very strange experience arriving with a pile of bedding and having people cheer at the sight of you and more work to do. God I love this crowd.

72-IMG_1253– Walk to the main venue and help a bit with the clean up and eat some breakfast. Then see that people are going to the War Larp. Think: uh I want to see that, and join them. (War larp is a huge danish yearly larp inspired by warhammer, where you fight in strict formations like in warhammer fantasy battle).

– My intention is just to watch, but suddenly I find myself picking up a sword and shield and join a group.
73-IMG_1266– Most of the groups are friends or fellow nationals but mine as an assortment of strangers from all over the world so naturally we call ourselves: The Foreign Legion.
– It’s great fun, an organizer helps by instructing us and guides us on how to work as a formation.
– Even in the short while we played we develop a feeling of camaraderie with our group. This is the way to play fantasy larp.

– At the farewell ceremony I feel an overwhelming sense of happiness. Nothing concrete, just happy! I even tear up a bit.

– We from op in a big circle, and the groups that helped make KP are called out and walk to the center of the circle for a well deserved round of applause. It was a proud moment when A week and Black Box Horsens was called out and I could join that group of great people. God Black Box Horsens feels so long away now.

– Cleaning, cleaning, cleaning.

77-IMG_1309– The four(!) busses arrive to take most people to copenhagen and beyond. A lot of goodbyes, a lot of hugs and hope to see you soons. I make it a point to pop into each buss and shout thanks and goodbye to the people there. That was healthy I think.
– The busses leave. Those of us left behind waye and then back to:

– Cleaning, cleaning, cleaning, Charles smash! Everything is awesome! cleaning. Even in our truly tired state we managed to make it fun and mad.

78-IMG_1325– We are done with the clean up, the last bus arrives at the same time as my girlfriend. Say the last goodbyes and drive of. KP is over.
– Plan to sleep in car end up talking the whole way home.

– Get up early, have to be a substitute teacher, luckily we just have to see a film.
– The film is “Hooligans”, and a strong theme is camaraderie and community
– The film hits home with a lot of KP emotions.
IMG_1340– Take a long walk in the woods afterwards and let all the emotions bubble up and slowly settle down.
– End up at a hotel in the woods and buy a cup of coffee and start to write the first draft of these texts.
– Go home. Feel happy…

– Writing these last words. KP is now completely over. But I don’t feel sad, over the last few days I have had the privilege of relieving KP while my body have battled a week KP plague.
– And in my near future is other great and scary things and projects. There’s Fastaval, maybe a larp book, The Courage of Teddies book, and black box larp poems for drama classes, and, and, and.

– Robbie Williams just finished
“One for my baby” as I press copy paste to move the text into my blog. It’s all over now.

Thank you all, I hope my words was useful, they were for me.
And thank you all for a KP beyond words.
Hope to see you soon.
– Simon

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