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Remember? – A nano scenario looking for feedback

So writing the nano scenario Two Ravens and a Pile of Corpses for the Fastaval nano anthology In the Deep, Dark, Weird Forest has apparently given my blood on the tooth for more (a Danish expression, so much better than: have spurred me on). So the other day I made a very short nano scenario. Now I can’t take all the credited for it as it’s inspired by one of the settings from the game: Before and After Silence from the book: Larps from the Factory.

Anyhow, here it is, and I would very much appreciate it, if it could get some feedback. Or just at least write how you understand it. Pointing out spelling mistakes and the like, is also very welcome:

Remember? – A role playing game for one
Find a quiet spot in a busy place, like a train station * Find some melancholic music, listen to one number with closed eyes, then start * You are no longer your self, but play the soul of someone who has died * You have forgotten who you were, and you can’t move on until you remember * Everyone around you represents your memories * Their appearances, movements and interactions tells you stories from your past * Use these fragments of your life to remember who you were * When you remember you can move on

That is it, I’m beginning to like this format, all feedback is very welcome. And why are both my nano scenarios about life after death? Is my imagination trying to tell me something?