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Fastaval 2015 – Distance and Thursday

Being home at 3. am the day before I was up for an “early” start with my first game at 11 and even worse I had to gm it. It was the well written pearl Distance, I ended up with an international group just minutes before game start, as we would have had to reject them, if I didn’t grab it. And I also didn’t get acces to our play room before that point, so all in all a bit stressful start. But even though I didn’t perform, at my top game and used to much time on the introduction and warm up we ended with a good experience.


An important part was awkward skype conversations, and the instructions on how to run them was good.

In Distance the players are three Danish women whose husbands are stationed in Afghanistan. It’s a melodramatic tragedy, where the distance that this situation creates end up ruining the three marriages in three different ways. It’s for only three players and each player plays one of the wives as a main character and one of the soldiers as a supporting character.

This is very important and quite well described, it’s all about the wives and when you are playing the soldier you need to remember that and put pressure in the wives situation. The wife can also create a lot of the distance and tension, but it’s very much up to the husband to challenge the wife.

It’s a really well written game (and it did go on to win the Otto for best written material), it’s the level of Reservoir Elves, one of my favorite games to GM. Both are page turners, meant in the way that as soon as you are running it, all you have to do is turn a page, set the scene, give what ever instructions there is, start the scene and cut the scene, (maybe throw in a few instructions during the scene.)

One thing though, I’m not sure it’s a weakness, but it’s as challenge: there’s a lot of scenes. 30 or something like that in a game meant for 3 hours. Now it didn’t help that I spend too much time on the warm up, but the scenes are supposed to be short (no really short) and to the point. You can’t hold back or dwell on things, get to the point and intensify straight way.

That is not something I like, but I can see it work, but my group was on the same page as me, they wanted to dwell and it worked, the game is still good and strong with this playstyle. But I had to cut some scenes, for this to work.

I think that it’s good to be aware of the style you want, but If I was to hack it I would cut the scenes by maybe up to half and have them longer. But it’s a taste thing. I still think it’s a really good game, and I could run it again, and with the right group I would like to try it fastpased.

And straight after that game all of us had to run to other activities for the short games bloc (Fastaval has two long runs each day at 11.00 and 20.00 and a short two hour block for short quick games at 16.30.) But luckily I caught up and got to talk with some of the players later, and they seemed satisfied.

Fastaval 2015 – This Miracle and Wednesday evening

This Miracle was a game that was very interesting from a designer’s viewpoint. It let us, via shared storytelling, create the myths of a religion. We were divided into three groups and each group told a story together by taking turns saying a sentence. We each got a theme to tell from, so my group had to do a story dealing with ethics and that had to end with a morale, another group had to do an genesis story that told the creation of this world, (or how this religion believed it happened), and one had to do a revelation story, about the divine revealing something to the mortals.


After the game the artifacts we had created was displayed in the central area of Fastaval. Cool idea.

All three stores was of course very different, but because religion is this kind mismatch of stories it didn’t really matter (just look at the old testament). After we had told our story, we did it again and again each time having to shorten it, say less and less but still tell the same story. Just like religious stories are shorten down, so we don’t have to repeat the whole thing every time. After that we build some artifacts that came from this story, so ours had three eggs in it because they had played a central role in our story.


The artifacts from the second run.

Then we told this shortened version to one of the other groups and and gave them the artifacts. And we got told a story as well and also got artifacts. Now the challenge was to create a ritual based on the story, we had gotten told and the artifacts we were given. The story we were told was one of a young woman going through challenges in the darkness, but surviving because of visions of the spark that guided her path. In the end turning her humble shepherd staff into a spear of light and that way defeating the evil.

So we created a ceremony, where we stood in a circle and everyone confessed a weakness or fear while passing the staff along, and everyone else would repeat this. Then the staff was ceremoniously turned into the the spear (like wine into blood) and passed back with each person repeating her weakness and the giver of sper would chant “you have the spark inside” everyone else would repeat this, then the person who had confessed the fear would chant: “The spark will light my way.” It was a simple and cool ritual, that I’m really surprised came out from just us random people telling stories and building together.

So now we had three rituals. Then we from a very short workshop each created a pilgrim who had traveled to a holy place with a group of others to go through the three rituals because they were facing a life crisis, that we came up with ourselves, based on an archetype we had been given. (We had been given this at the start of the game and kinda had to do the storytelling as this archetype, but it ended up (and worked better this way) by being out of character, but with the archetype as an inspirational tool.

The flow of the game was a bit bumpy and with a lot of little out of character interruptions. Roleplay is always like this, but having become a black box junky, I’m really starting to find flow important. I like it when a chamber larp or word based game is seamless and cut, brakes and other instructions fit in with the theme. This lacked this a bit, but it was a minor thing.

Other small things could improve upon the game. Right now, as it stands, the important bit is the religion creation, and the role play bit is mostly there to try out the rituals, we had created. But with a bit of work and focus on flow, I think the role play part could become stronger. Also the whole archetype element is cool, but the building part should be done out of character in a black box like workshop.

I could imagine this game being really good in a black box, where you create some seamlessness with lighting and sound. So Lizzy if you are reading this: this is an informal invitation to come (or send someone) to Black Box Horsens and run This Miracle as a black box game.

After that game I talked to some of the other players, (just can’t remember who) until we casually looked at the time, and it was two in the morning. With that discovery, we went to the bar to just grab one drink before going to bed. Luckily we were just in time to see the first Otto Channel show (a sketch tv show made by some brilliant amateurs each year to poke fun of us all)

And that was the first day like the rest of Fastaval over in a blur and already now feels like something that happened ages ago.

Fastaval 2015 – Preamble and the first half of Wednesday

So yet another Fastaval is over and as tradition dictates on this blog I will randomly ramble my way through it writing just what I think. I will try and do it short this year because as I mentioned in my last post other things need my time more, (spoiler alert: I failed at this).


#Mugshots was all the rage this year

In the weeks up to Fastaval I was worried that it would be disappointing this year because of the great experiences from The Larp Writer Summerschool, Black Box Horsens and Knudepunkt. But as we got closer and closer I felt that go away and just be replaced with a great longing. And stepping into Fastaval this wednesday, I knew that this would be good.

A few things was different for me this year:

  • I now live in the same town as Fastaval, so I could sleep at home, even though that meant a 20 minutes walk when going home (but that’s properly healthy).
  • My girlfriend Jeanette went with me or rather also went to Festival, she’s more into board games and I’m into role play, so we had very different programs, but did manage to find some time together.
  • I only had one official responsibility: be a judge for the scenario writing competition (where 18 people are given a creative challenge and then have 72 hours during Fastaval to write a scenario, and on sunday we read them and give feedback and find a winner.)
  • I therefore had time for a lot of role play, I got to play 7 (!) games, my personal record, and on friday I even played three games on one day, something I have never done before.

I didn’t help with the set up this year as I had work on monday and tuesday, luckily Jeanette went in my stead, so things went even better than normal (I’m usually just in the way with my camera.)


So us being nerds #metamugshot also became a thing.

I did drop by on tuesday evening and hung out for a bit, and just saying a bit of hallo to the people, I know would be very busy during Fastaval, so this was my chance to talk to them.

Wednesday I traveled away from Hobro (where Fastaval is held) to Århus, I had an escort quest there. My good friends Oliver and Lasse had been offered a lift from Århus if Oliver in exchange helped me look for costumes for Just a Little Lovin.
(More about that later (much, much later).)

After our exploration of the second hands stores in Århus and a lot of new ideas for my character we went to Fastaval, where I promptly threw them out of the car and went home again for a bit of cupples time and preparing before the first game: This Miracle by Lizzie Stark. And that will get it’s own post tomorrow, because it became rather long.

What did I sign up for then?

So before the madness of Knudepunkt and Black Box Horsens I did a series of post about each game at Fastaval and how tempted I was to play them from the teaser text. Basically my sign up thoughts for you all to see. Read the first one of them here.

So of course I have to do a post about what I actually ended up signing up for and what I ended up getting. And it’s fitting to write this just a few days before Fastaval.

This is what I signed up for:
This Miracle – 1. and 2. priority
Teddy Says Hide – 1. and 2. priority
Hope Was the Last Thing: A Canadian Grail Quest – 2. and 3. priority
Room – 1. and 1. priority
Distance – Game master
Model Protectorates – 2. and 3. priority
Isabelle – 3. and 4. priority
And I lost my fangs … – 1.prioritet
Tales from Five Fallen Realms – 2., 2. and 3. priority
Things that happen to other people – 1. og 1. priority
Deranged – 1. og 2. priority
Demons – 2. og 3. priority
Children of Dunsain – 4. priority
Prunes and Prejudice – 1. and 2. priority
Lethal Wings – 3. and 4. priority
Augusta’s Shadow – 3. priority

This is what I got:
Wednesday: This Miracle
Thursday: Distance
Thursday: And I lost my fangs…
Friday: Deranged
Friday: Prunes and Prejudice
Saturday: Things that happen to other people

This is a great pick, but I still wish I gotten Room and Teddy says hide. Oh well maybe I get a chance at Fastaval or later. And this amount of plays is properly a good amount and still a lot more than i usually do.

And I also have a few other things during this Fastaval, there’s the scenario writing competition (where the challenge is to write a scenario during Fastaval) which I’m a judge for, and this year we also have a short meet up for all the participants of it, where they can talk to us judges and get some inspiration and feedback from us and each other. It will be interesting to see how many takes advantage of this.

And on saturday at eight o’clock we the people behind Black Box Horsens have a meetup to talk about Black Box Horsens 2016 which we have just have the pleasure of announcing, more on this later.

In short:
I can’t wait for a great Fastaval to begin.

My thoughts on the Fastaval 2015 games – Bonus stuff!

So I saved the best for last! Or rather I screwed up and forgot to write about three games. So they get a special edition bonus round! But I glad I did discover these games because they are good and theres another number one priority among them, which will it be? uhh exciting. Now how is it I do this again?:

I won’t write much on what the game is about, just my thoughts, you can read about the games themselves on the webpage, I’ll link to each game.

When we sign up for Fastaval, we have to give the games we want to play a priority from one (I really, really, really wanna play this game) to four (if there’s nothing else, I want to play this game) or just nothing.

In this write up I’ll give each game a “Do I want to play this?” priority from 1 (a lot) to 5 (ah properly not, not that it’s a bad game, it’s just not for me.)

Lethal Wings

This game sounds epic! eighties action movie but with storks! I can’t begin to describe how absolutely silly that sound and how cool they manage to make it sound on such little space. Really go read it.

And it has some board game mechanics, but in such a way that fits the game, you have to throw dice, but they have to land at certain marks, and: “you are equipped with the most lethal weapon of any eighties action hero: Your wit, and your famous catchphrase!”

I think this could be very fun.

Only concern is: it’s only two hours including explaining rules, I hope that is enough.

I’m definitely putting it down as one of those light hearted fun games to put in between two hard ones.

Do I want to play this?: 2
If I have the time for it yes, I think with the grim games on my list, this will be a nice break.


Bioshock meets the Stanford Prison Experiment… waow, it’s sounds really cool game and kind of scary. And it’s an idea I have played around with once upon a time: That the memories of the characters move around during the game.

As interesting as it sounds it doesn’t feel like a game for me though. I don’t feel like this: “You like extreme characters, and are ready to challenge any system, be it society or role-playing game. That is why you want to play the Prisoner.”

Or this: “You have always thought that mad scientists are cool, so you want to control the experiment and take the role of the Manager.”

I don’t feel like being mind fucked or mind fcuking some one else.
But other than that I think the premise is very cool.

You are not only losing your self you are getting mixed up with the other players.

Do I want to play this?: 4
No but some will have a really good experience with this.


I love the sound of this game, it’s very black boxy, I would actually love to see it in a black box some day. It’s physical, it’s childish but still horribly tragic and a love that kind of games.

And I just love the flavor text you kind of get into the mood of the game already then. I hope it’s as symbolic as it sounds, were like in the text the horrible reality is kind of hinted to through this childish narration.

I would normally never play a game with the theme like this, but because of the way it’s done it jumps straight to a priority number one. I can’t wait to play characters like: Table, Plant, and Carpet with the brown spot.

Do I want to play this?: 1
Yes you guessed it, this is the bonus game that became an instant number one.

Next time I will show you what games I did sign up for in the end.

My thoughts on the Fastaval 2015 games – part 5

With the Fastaval sign up open, I better get the last part of this out there:

I won’t write much on what the game is about, just my thoughts, you can read about the games themselves on the webpage, I’ll link to each game.

When we sign up for Fastaval, we have to give the games we want to play a priority from one (I really, really, really wanna play this game) to four (if there’s nothing else, I want to play this game) or just nothing.

In this write up I’ll give each game a “Do I want to play this?” priority from 1 (a lot) to 5 (ah properly not, not that it’s a bad game, it’s just not for me.)

Stories from the Sanatorium

The genre pretty much sums it up: Escalating horror with a focus on epic damnation. And the text supports this the whole way thru, a good example of a game that knows what it is and sells it as such.

It’s yet another GM’less scenario, quite a few of those this year, and by Tim who even being new have made some very different and award winning things.

It sounds really cool but I’m not sure I’m in the mood for a self destructive story, but that might change.

Do I want to play this?: 3
But it could easily move up as we get closer

The girl beneath the hen house (Canceled) 

This is the text in its entirety:
“When the family honor must be preserved, sometime killing is the only thing solution left. Even if you have to kill your own flesh and blood.”

Brave, and both the title and text are strong and creepy, and you get some idea of what this could be about. But this is not a preview text, this is a teaser.

I kinda get what Julie wants to do, she wants us to know very little, and I also know that she likes the create horry games, so this is properly that.

But in the end I thinks this style exercise is not worth what we lose in understanding. This could both be a tragedy about murder in the family or a supernatural horror story or even something about honor murders in immigrant families, I just dont know, and therefore I won’t be playing it.

I hope this short text will work for others, but for me it’s a brave gamble but it fails, sorry.

Do I want to play this?: 4
I don’t know, so I won’t try, to much else I know I want to try.

The Long Orbit

It kinda sounds a bit like Sargasso: The Daughters of Clio but it says that it’s a hack of Monsterhearts and I know that Oliver and other people love that game.

But again it sounds like the kind of tense thriller intrigue game that’s not really my taste. But I like the idea that following your heart will lead to downfall and that love is an central part of a sci-fi thriller, it’s an interesting twist.

It also sounds like one of those “playing to win and therefore you lose” games, that sounds really cool, but again not my cup of tea.

Do I want to play this?: 5
Not really but I think some people will have a blast with it.

Things that happen to other people

So this is the game that sounded most like my idea, and when the man behind have made “I say a little prayer” and been part of the group the made “Just a little lovin” (which “I say a little prayer” was the Fastaval version of) You know that you don’t stand a chance.

I also think it’s a very interesting format, people caught in a war zone telling stories about other people in similar situations.

I like it, story telling is a now thing I’m into, and this sounds like something I would like. I also like how the GM is there to help the players tell the stories, and if that element is done half as well as it was in “I say a little prayer” then it will be good.

Do I want to play this?: 1
Yes oh my yes!

This Miracle

So I’m a bit of a Lizzy fan, I love her work, both with introducing nordic larp to the USA scene and also her work with gender issues, for a very privileged person like me, she has been good at describing the other side in a way, that I can understand. But I have never played one of her games, and I’m still sad that I didn’t have the guts to try out her touching game about breast cancer. And Nick whom I don’t know just sounds awesome.

I also like games where you as the player start out by creating the framework you are going to be playing in, and finely I’m also interested in rituals and how they can be used in storytelling.

So all in all I think this is a must for me.

Do I want to play this?: 1
Looking forward to it

Where are all the dreams we dreamt?

I got the feeling that we’ve seen this story before (not that thats a bad thing, or a reason not to tell it) but it just feels like whenever we tell a story about a collective in the sixties it’s about it’s downfall.

Of course that is a great narrative and the collective is just a good setting for it, because it starts out so idealistic and ends up breaking down.

But there’s a few twists here that makes it more interesting:
first of all it’s about a collective in the late seventies not sixties
Also the game is not just about rise and fall but also returns to the story many years later to see what have happened
And finally the writer have a background in a collective of the same kind, which can add more deapth to the story.

Do I want to play this?: 4
It sounds good but not my kind of thing

Du drømmer (Your dreaming) (not in english)

Another trend this year seems to be two player games about love but that kind of does make sense, love is often a two player game (ba-dum-thsssss).

This one sounds beautiful and is based on a danish singer songwriter. It’s only on the danish page, so it looks like this is a game only in danish, which is always sad.

It sounds like you play through a love story and that pretty much it, and thats good, a good concentrated story, oh and it’s feel good I see now, so this could be more about the experience than about the story.

But all two player games especially those about love share the same problem: it’s very much dependent on the two players being even a little bit attracted to each other, but thats for another post to speculate about.

Do I want to play this?: 4
I’ve kinda done this, been there done that, having both designed a similar game and run a similar game last year.

My thoughts on the Fastaval 2015 games – part 4

In this episode we meet a tall dark stranger and prunes. Now how is it I do this?:

I won’t write much on what the game is about, just my thoughts, you can read about the games themselves on the webpage, I’ll link to each game.

When we sign up for Fastaval, we have to give the games we want to play a priority from one (I really, really, really wanna play this game) to four (if there’s nothing else, I want to play this game) or just nothing.

In this write up I’ll give each game a “Do I want to play this?” priority from 1 (a lot) to 5 (ah properly not, not that it’s a bad game, it’s just not for me.)

Model Protectorates

I have no idea what the title means but the games sounds so cool, also one of the games that lean up against my idea (germans in a bomb shelter during the fall of Berlin,) but this is so much more close to home. Extra cool that it’s about the Danish resistance but made by a nondane, maybe this will give a bit more nuanced look on the resistance.

I also like the story and the heavy choices and how they affect you. This is a game I might even consider GM’ing, especially because this is my style of GM’ing: “You can paint the scene for your players and then stand back to let the magic happen.”

Do I want to play this?: 2 (maybe GM)
But don’t start bugging me about GM’ing it, I want to try and keep the GM’ing at a minimum as it really takes a lot of my precious fastaval energy.

Prunes and Prejudice

God I love that title, much better than the Danish one.

It reminds me a lot of the game Ikea from a few years back, but it sounds like theres a bit more player controlled storytelling in this one, where you create your story and characters from pictures of groceries, cool but it would be much cooler if we got to use real groceries. This could be fun to play as a larp in an actual shop.

It’s also a nice short game, which is good, comedies are difficult to keep funny for a long time, it might be a game that I find time to as a little relaxing fun pause from all the drama and tragedy.

Do I want to play this?: 2
If time this might be a good break from all the feelings and stuff.

Augusta’s Shadow

I’m normally not much for fantasy at Fastaval (Reservoir Elves being the exception), but this might just change my mind. I like both personal and yet epic scope, and the use of flashback to flesh out characters in the presents sound like something I would like.

Kristoffer is also a master of dark and epic stories full of hard choices so this could be grand, and maybe it’s time for my to try one of his games.

Do I want to play this?: 2
Not normally my thing, but i’m tempted.

Sargasso: The Daughters of Clio

It’s sounds a bit board gamy and at the same time it’s semi-live (using some larping) an interesting mix but could also go wrong, and at the same time it sound like theres some intrigues and back stabbing while under time pressure. Could be cool, but not my thing.

But this might be something that could be interesting to black box, just saying.

Do I want to play this?: 4
Also the text leaves me a bit confused about what it’s about.

Six Months, Three Days

This an adaptation of a book by the same name, and I gather that the book has the same plot? It’s not clear, a bit more about the book and what the scenario uses and don’t use would have been nice.

Other than that it sounds like an interesting take on a love story between two people who have really different world wives, (both can see the future but one sees it as only one inescapable future and the other sees many possible futures.)

Just noticed that it’s just for two players and no GM, so thats brave. It’s really hard to make that work and it really comes down to the two players, I know I have tried it. Both as a GM and a game designer.

But the player text makes me almost want to try it: “Player type: People who like inhabiting a character, emotional intensity, the art of conversation, and building a relationship if only to tear it all down.”

But when you are so dependent on only one other player then this might be something I would take home and play with someone of my own choosing and not some random at Fastaval.

Do I want to play this?: 3
I know some people I would rock this with and some where we would fail hard, so yes but not at Fastaval.


This is a good game, I should know I was one of the judges that named it winner of the scenario writing competition. It will be interesting to see how it has changed in the meantime.

It was written as a black box and used some interesting mechanics, but I wonder if they have survived in the fastavalication of the game, the text does not give many hints to that. But the story is still sweet and tragedy, I’m not gonna play it though, I feel like I know too much.

Do I want to play this?: 5
Having spent hours reading and re reading this and discussing it as a judge I feel I have spent enough time on it.

My thoughts on the Fastaval 2015 games – part 3

On to part 3 with Canadians and angsty vampires.
Just a quick summary of how I do this:

I won’t write much on what the game is about, just my thoughts, you can read about the games themselves on the webpage, I’ll link to each game.

When we sign up for Fastaval, we have to give the games we want to play a priority from one (I really, really, really wanna play this game) to four (if there’s nothing else, I want to play this game) or just nothing.

In this write up I’ll give each game a “Do I want to play this?” priority from 1 (a lot) to 5 (ah properly not, not that it’s a bad game, it’s just not for me.)


Mads is a master of the bitter comedy, the hidden jealousy, the fake smiles and the resentment hidden underneath and the humor you can get from such unpleasant characters and the awkward situations they end up in. And he does it really well. And that is why this game is in no way for me.

Do I want to play this?: 5
Nope, never because it will be good at what it wants to do.

Teddy Says Hide

Oh Danny you sad messed up child, this sounds horrible and awesome, and I like this sentence in the about the author text:

“Danny tried really hard to think up something heart-warming and comfortable for this year’s Fastaval. Then it got all screwed up.”

Yes Danny it sounds like it really did, and even though horror and nasty games are not my thing, I’m really tempted to try this one.

Do I want to play this?: 2
Do I dare?

Hope Was the Last Thing: A Canadian Grail Quest

This was one of those games where I read the title and thought ugh no thanks! Then I read the text and I was in love!

Go read the premise for this game, really do it, aw it’s just so beautiful. One thing that makes me hesitant, it’s a game about hope in the worst circumstances. The main characters really have the odds stacked against them.

But can they lose? I don’t think I could play such a hard story for four hours and then lose, that would just break my heart. I’m fine with the hard journey, but not without the reward at the end.

And this game could go either way, and if it’s up to the players in an even slightly gamist way then that would probably ruin the experienc for me. (I would spend all my time thinking “am I now doing something now that will make us lose later?”)

Do I want to play this?: 2
That really depends is there any hope?

In a galaxy nearby not so long ago

Again I really like the premise for this story, a nice take on Star Wars and the way storytelling influence the truth, (if there is such a thing)

What I don’t like is that she is unclear on if Star Wars knowledge is required, the text tries to be funny on that point but ends up leaving you in doubt.

Anyway I’m not enough of a Star Wars fan to really get excited about this game.

Do I want to play this?: 4
It sounds cool, and some will rock it, just not me.


This is actually a rewrite of an older and very classic game, so if you want to see what the Fastaval style is all about but in an updated way, this is the game for you. A must for internationals, which is why it’s sad that the text is not in english yet.

I really like the text, the flavor text is actually well written, gruesome in it’s beauty and the game is honest about itself, this is about angsty vampires, but it’s well done.

I don’t think it’s a game for me but you can be absolutely sure that the craftsmanship is great, Lars have written for many years and always delivers games of great quality, and just that makes me consider it.

Do I want to play this?: 3
Kinda even though the genre doesn’t speak to me, this is one of those that will prebler fall for time constraints ie: there’s other games thats more for me but if Fastaval was for a week I might find the time for this one.

Mana Burn

This just sounds so unpleasant in a good way, a truth (without the dare) version of Magic played among four girlfriends and then things turn nasty.

But when you look at the player type and GM type it kind of splits in my mind, now it sounds like to be more about the game Magic. I really like the idea of seeing what kind of gameplay you can get out of such a card game, but it’s unclear what is important, the emotional nasty play or the playing magic, but maybe it’s both, also i’m not sure if it’s a dark comedy or meant to be taken seriously, properly a bit of both also.

Do I want to play this?: 4
Not sure why but this doesn’t really get me going, so I don’t think it’s one I’ll be going for.

My thoughts on the Fastaval 2015 games – part 2

Back from Vilnius and time for part two, this time with demons and mad musicians. Just a quick summary of how I do this:

I won’t write much on what the game is about, just my thoughts, you can read about the games themselves on the webpage, I’ll link to each game.

When we sign up for Fastaval, we have to give the games we want to play a priority from one (I really, really, really wanna play this game) to four (if there’s nothing else, I want to play this game) or just nothing.

In this write up I’ll give each game a “Do I want to play this?” priority from 1 (a lot) to 5 (ah properly not, not that it’s a bad game, it’s just not for me.)

Dæmoner (Demons, text (and maybe game?) only in english)

This sounds like a cool, cruel game. Forced korean prostitutes in the japanese army, looking for a lost child, and then the sexual assaults on them are played out metaphorically by cutting to a japanese theater troupe rehearsing a game about female servants fighting to save their princess from demons (read the text for a better description). Uh! I like that switching mechanic. (And the theater troupe is based in Hiroshima, so we can all guess where that is going.)

Sounds like a game ripe for tragedy. BUT: I really don’t like sex in role play. If all sex is in these metaphorical parts, then it could work really well for me, humm I’m more tempted than before I wrote this.

And then they write this: The scenario is equal parts “Pans Labrinth”, Spirited away and The Pianist.” See I really hated “Pan Labyrinth” but “Spirited away” is one of my favorite films, (I don’t know The Pianist.) This is hard.

Do I want to play this?: 3
I don’t know, 3 is quickly becoming my I don’t know category


This is one of those games that I could play just based on the writers, Jeppe and Maria made the by now famous Sarabande, a really brilliant game that used music and repeated scenes in such a great way. (I was just about to link my play report, but it turns out that it is one of the many I have not gotten around to write yet.)

Anyway it looks like this is game also draw a lot from from music just read this:

“Deranged is for players who want to be engulfed by a continuous flow of scenes about love, madness, and genius, which they create together on a foundation of beautiful romantic music”

In fact just read the last paragraph on the webpage, that is enough to make me want to play it. It just sounds beautiful, and using music to create both continuous flow and as a framework for the story is just brilliant, I can’t wait to play this.

Do I want to play this?: 1
Hell yes!

Fables from five fallen realms

Ah! the nano anthology makes a return, the format is: write a scenario on a postcard, and the groups play the ones they like. I contributed with “Two ravens and a pile of rotting corpses” to last years collection “In the deep dark forest.”

I like the sound of the five games this year, I had actually not thought I was going to play them, but I might change my mind. But I do wish they had included more games, I think the theme could survive more exploring.

Do I want to play this?: 2
Up from a 4


This is actually very close to the game I had rejected two years ago, mine was about second world war soldiers and especially the wives waiting at home in a country changed by the war. But as I said, this seems so much better. It’s closer to home, we all know someone who knows someone who’s been to war, (kind of depressing really.)

It seems like a quiet, heavy game of the type I really like. I mean the game has my by the end of the flavor text, it doesn’t say it but by god I hope letters play a role, I hope the communication between wife and soldier play a role, because that sounds awesome.

Also: “There is awkward Skype sex” what’s not to like!

One complaint is that the text is messing the: “for players that like…” “and for GM that like…” and that’s a little frustrating because I think it could had helped me chose. This game can be compelling for several kinds of players, I would like to know which ones it is.

Do I want to play this?: 2
Would be one, if the play type sounded like me, but alas we will never know.

My thoughts on the Fastaval 2015 games – part 1

We all say this every year, but this years Fastaval program is really good. I must admit, I was a bit miffed at being rejected two years in a row. But reading the program, I can now see that at least two games come close to what I wanted to make, and they look damned good, so I understand now.

So to help myself pick among all these great games, I’ve written my at times random thoughts on each game and speculate a bit on how much I want to play it. Maybe this can also help you in your choice.

I won’t write much on what the game is about, just my thoughts, you can read about the games themselves on the webpage, I’ll link each one, sorry it’s just to keep the text from becoming too long. It ended up being so long that I’m still gonna cut it into several posts each covering a handful of games.

When we sign up for Fastaval, we have to give the games, we want to play, a priority from one (I really, really, really wanna play this game) to four (if there’s nothing else, I want to play this game) or just nothing. (That can sometimes mean that a four is really good, if you find everything else in that time slot good as well, other times a average game will get a one because there’s nothing else.

In this write up I’ll give each game a “Do I want to play this?” priority from 1 (a lot) to 5 (ah properly not, not that it’s a bad game, it’s just not for me.) This does not mean I will sign up for them, a lot can change and also it depends on how the program is put together. But lets get to it:

And I lost my fangs

This game won me at: “the mood will be cute and childish but with room for feelings which also belong the world of adults.” I looooove stories like this, and knowing Cleo, I know that her quirky mind can pull it of.

I’m not really into vampires (I think it’s all a bit overhyped), but I really like the atmosphere she creates in the text. So I’m a bit in doubt. That is until I read the “Player type” section: “You like vampires, quirky characters and telling small but important stories” Except for vampires, which i don’t particularly hate, I love everything else in that sentence, small but important stories sounds like just the right thing for me.

Do I want to play this?: 1
A big surprise here, but it sounds so cute in a sad, but good way.

Brasst Issinn

So I like the metaphor in this game. It’s about growing resentment and held back feelings that threaten to break out among a family that have been cooped up way too long during the long dark winter. But at the same time we follow the journey of the youngest child out on the ever thinner ice. So his journey becomes a metaphor for the building storm back home. I like that!

But having said that, it just doesn’t feel like a game for me. I normally like storytelling, but it just seems to unpleasant for me. It’s one of those: sounds great but not for me games.

Do I want to play this?: 4
Not really but can’t really explain why.

Children of Dunsain

Troels makes really good and tough stories using indygame like mechanics. I had a blast with his First World War game Dulce et Decorum. And this sounds like it will let you create a really cool and dark setting and then explore it hard!

And thats where I lose a bit of interest, it’s sound like you play against each other, and I don’t really like that. But thinking about it, maybe it’s not, I’m not sure. But again the characters doesn’t sound like some I want to play. Maybe it’s that, I don’t like too negative characters, let them have some redeeming points.

Do I want to play this?: 3
I’m really not sure about this one.

Christmas on the moon

So this is sadly an example of a flavor text that does nothing, maybe Alien fans get more from it than I do, but for me it gives me nothing to understand the game. This is Michael’s first game so it’s understandable, writing these “foromtaler” (I really don’t know a good english word for them) is damn difficult, I still suck at it.

Anyway, It’s sounds like a rather board gamey role play and the text does say it’s classic in it’s style. That’s great! Be clear about what your game is, it helps people a lot. For example I now know that it’s not for me, but I’m sure it’s perfect for them who shout buh at all that arty farty stuff, (which I in turn love.)

One thing: why is it christmas? That will probably make sense when you play the game, but here it seems a bit misplaced.

Do I want to play this?: 5
No not at all, I’m really not into gameist role plays, but I like that it’s so clear about what it is for a game, that means it’ll get the right players.