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Some of the other players of JaLL have written about the game. I’ve collected the ones I could find here. But if I have missed some please tell me, I want a complete collection. Here you will find both academic and design comments on the game alongside very personal accounts of the game (sometimes within the same post). But I can highly recommend to read them all as they all either puts to words my thoughts in a much better way or even highlights elements that I had not even considered. Good reading.

Losing friends and the stories we tell ourselves – Just a Little Lovin – Denmark 2015
Evan both retells his characters story in a very readable way, but at the same time offers some thought on why the game works.

Love sex death and liminality ritual in Just a Little Lovin
Sarah looks at rituals and what part they play in a game like JaLL. This one really blew my mind and I’ll be returning to this when I really start designing “The Longest Stay”.

Just a Little Lovin
For Mo this was his first Nordic larp and he gives a good account of what made it so strong and good.

The bridge between love and death
Eden writes about death in roleplay. She compares the role death plays in JaLL and “White Death”. She also gives an account of her JaLL experience that is just so well written.

Sikkerheds mekanikker og sikkerheds kultur
Here Troels talks about how safety techniques are not only there to be used, but that the mere presence of them creates a culture of looking after each other.

A fantastically horrible journey through the early 1980s
In his by now 3 part series (more on the way) Emil retell his personal story much like I did. As you will see, he had a completely different narrative than mine, and I can tell you each and every story within the game was that different from each other.
Part 1 – Background
Part 2 – Act 1
Part 3 – Act 2

They luster on
This very personal post about the game by Erik is so damn well written and captures so well some of my own thoughts about the game and the experience it was.

The Book
From the first Danish run of JaLL this book was made. It contains accounts from that run. I haven’t read it but will at some point in the future.

The Speech 
This is not from that game but a speech Eirik gave before his larp Koikoi that Tor readout at the beginning of ours and should be read out before each and every larp.

This is my last post about JaLL, I had planned to write about the tools, techniques and structure of the game and also my favorite scenes from the game. But both posts didn’t quite work, so I won’t do those. But this is a cool way to end it. Because all the post above in one way or another covers those two points better anyway.

One thing I want to add is that when trying to write my favorite scenes I realized how little of the others play I had seen. I had been so focused and I suppose worried about my own game that I never just sat for a bit and watched what was going on around me, something that is actually completely fine to do in a long game like this. I think that is a lesson, I’ll try and take with me, and another reason to why I want to try to play an In game photographer. Then you have an excuse to observe other people. And I know that I’m differently aware when I’m on a photo job, and it would be cool to move that awareness into a game.

So that was it, that was JaLL. In in a roll of the credits this all the posts I made about JaLL from beginning to end:

Pre JaLL posts:

Just a Little Lovin – intro: The very first post I wrote about this game.

Just a Little Lovin – Bruce: My presentation and thoughts about my character.

Just a Little Lovin – Thinking about the character: the thought process I had used in preparation for the game.05-BJAR6498

Just a Little Lovin – Talking about the character: How I had used talking to others as a tool for preparation, and tips for others on how to use it.

Just a Little Lovin – Theme music for a character: the role music played in my preparation, and tips on how to use it.

Post JaLL posts:

Just a Little Lovin – Intro post: the first quick reaction after the game

JaLL – The dual story of Bruce – Act 1 the rich bastard in doubt

JaLL – The dual story of Bruce – Act 2 love and confusion

JaLL – The dual story of Bruce – Act 3 happy ever after, breakdown and buildup

JaLL – Clothing and magic items: how to use costumes and items as a immersion tool both in preparation and during the game.

JaLL – Just a Little Sexuality: A on request post about my experience with sexuality in this game.

Thank you for reading along.
Simon James Pettitt – 2015

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