Fastaval 2015 – Rest of Saturday and Sunday

After “Things that happen to other people” I had to run to the author and judge sparring session. A new thing we tried this year where the writers of the scenario competition, (where people are challenged to write a scenario during Fastaval) could meet with us judges and get some feedback and advice from us. Very interesting, very cool.

After that I had a brief pause with Jeanette, before I had a Black Box Horsens meet up with some of the organizers, that I want to be part of our Black Box Horsens team. A very cool and potential talk. Black Box Horsens can become something really interesting and ambitious.

IMG_1976We agreed to meet again in May and make some tough choices and then went to see a very funny burlesk show. After that more talking, more listening, among many things a long talk with Lizzy about the game she was doing for the competition before I threw her out of the bar with orders to bloody finish that game (it’s a great game and I think it was important for her to finish it during Fastaval.)

Up after getting 3,5 hours sleep, meeting with the other judges, reading the games, laughing, arguing. Then talking with the authors about the games, then talking some more, then finding a winner, then to the otto party.

IMG_1979The party was great, I ended up at the international table and later had a long talk with Kat Jones, she invited me to the US and I invited her to run a game at the prison for the next Black Box Horsens. (I just can’t remember which game it was)

More talking, so much talking, laughing, listening, smiling. Uh and also a bit of dancing. and then home at 9 in the morning.

And that was this years Fastaval, I didn’t have much to say about the otto party, it was great, I had fun, it was, as everything else, over too soon.

This was a great and very inspiring year, it was cool to be at Fastaval just as a participant. As long as I have Black Box Horsens and other projects, it will properly stay that way.

The great thing this year is, I won’t have to wait long before the next big thing, with Just a Little Loving, the summer school and other things coming up soon.

Thank you all for reading along.
And thank you all for an epic Fastaval 2015.

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