Fastaval 2015 – Prunes and Prejudices

After Deranged there was a bit more time before the next short game, but my energy levels were low and I hung out with Jeanette in a kind of stupor and considered dropping the game. But we convinced me to go. So glad I did! It was a simple game, it was called “Prunes and Prejudices” and it was a humoristic improv game about judging the other shoppers in a super market based on their groceries.

The game really is as simple as it sounds, it’s based on a similar game called IKEA but this was kinda more coherent, also IKEA is semi live but this was a pure storytelling game. It consisted of some instructions and a deck of cards. It wasn’t GM less, but after the GM had introduced the game he played along like a regular player, and could just help answer questions, just like with a board game, that someone teaches you and then you play with them.

So we each got a card with a picture of a different kliche: the old lady, the man straight from the gym, the hipster and so on. (Remember this is a game about prejudices). Then we got five cards that each showed a grocery, you might find in any supermarket, on the top and bottom of the card there was a number, a high and a low, this showed how many of the item you character had in her shopping basket, (there’s a difference between going home with just one bag of toilet rolls or 12.

We then choose three from our five and which number of them we have in our basket. Then we take turns turning them over and the other players give out inner monologues on what they think about the person, it’s okay to be a cliche and a bit nasty, thats the humor in the game, and we went for broke. It was great fun (in a more quiet way than “And I lost my fangs”).

It’s a game I would consider running with some of my non role playing friends as a way of showing what we do without going for a big game. All in all quite and easy, just right for my situation. I didn’t end up expending a lot of energy but had some nice laughs and went away form the game with more energy than before. I had forgotten how roleplay can give energy as well.

So it was with energy I went to the reserve que, but more about that and the game that got me tomorrow.

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