Eventyrridderne at Copenhagen Medieval Market 2018

Every year thousands of people attend the large medieval market. I was there to photodocument Eventyriddernes huge stand at the market. I took the opportunity to also film a bit from it. This made it a very different film from my first few films, as there are suddenly humans present.

Eventyrridderne is a danish nonprofit event and roleplay company that sell roleplay events. Anything from birthday parties to company events. It was cool to see just how popular they were at the market. They had a slew of things children could do. From building their own foam sword to fighting monsters.

It was my first time visiting Copenhagen Medieval Market, it is a big market, with all kinds of stands. It seems like the rules regarding authenticity are a bit more relaxed than the only other market I have been to, The European Medieval Festival in Horsens. At Horsens they are a bit more restrictive whereas it seems that at Copenhagen everyone could bring and be what they wanted. I’m not saying which is better, but they give different experiences for both participants and guests.

Whereas my other films where more slow and meditative, this is a bit more action filled, that was a fun difference to work with. But I’m in doubt on whether or not to include it in the Portrait of Places series. What do you think?

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