By Eva Fog – Arranged by: Tore Vange
Monas eyes look at the blond small child in her arms. “Liva” she whispers and pulls the blanket closer around the sleeping girl.

A cold feeling grips Monas hart. No, not Liva. The terror shakes her, and a new name springs forth on her lips: “Malou”.

Suddenly the child feels foreign in her arms, while more thoughts than Mona can catch rush through her head. Memories – or is it fantasies? – about the home, the man the friends and the child.

Her eyes wanders from the girl to the open page in the scrapbook in front of her and continues out in the room. A german schlager reminds her, that she is in Köln, but not why she is here. She starts to stand op, but a small sound from the child stops her and the terror disappears. The loving smile appears on her lips, while she carefully sits down as to not wake the sleeping child. She brushes a strand of hair away from the girls face with a loving hand. Liva, my Liva.

Her gaze falls once more on the scrapbook and she carefully reaches for it. She turns another page and pictures of the life she have just left appears.

In Scrapbook Monas life is acted out in a mix of reality and imagination. From gray or pink pages in a scrapbook the players will work their way through Monas pink dreams and her more gray everyday. It’s the players responsibility to turn the pages and create meaning in the story. Only one thing is certain, at the end Mona is sitting with a child in Germany, but is it hers?

Winner of the Otto for best story at Fastaval 2011

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