The bus situation

We have some bad news: Our arrangement with a bus has fallen thru. We are very sorry about this situation, and hope to resolved with as little hassle as possible.
There haven’t been been sold that many tickets, so it will be too expensive for us to rent a bus any other way than the special deal we had.
This means that there’s not a Black Box Horsens bus going from Copenhagen to Horsens and back again. and the tickets have been removed.
If you already have bought a ticket you will have received a mail about what this means for you.
for those of you who haven’t but were considering doing it, heres an alternative:
The bus company Rødbillet (redticket) have a cheep (by Danish standards) from Copenhagen to Horsens and back again. and it drives around the times we had considered.

This is their prices and times:

CPH 09:00 -> Horsens 12:35
CPH 14:00 -> Horsens 17:30
CPH 17:00 -> Horsens 20:30

Horsens 09:35 -> CPH 13:10
Horsens 15:20 -> CPH 19:00

Prices (one way):
Adult: 21,48 eros (160 DKK.)
Student: 16,11 (120 DKK.)

Leaving Copenhagen at 14.00 from:
DGI byen, Ingerslevsgade – At the tourist busses at Ingerslevsgade 150 meters from Copenhagen Train Terminal.
Arrive in Horsens at 17.30 at:
Horsens Train station, (1 km from the venue, but we will try and arrange some cars to at least pick up any heavy luggage)

They have a webpage: but it’s only in Danish, if you need help with this, then write to the mail below:

Again we are sorry about this situation and any problems it might create. If you have any questions about transport feel free to write to: [email protected]


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