The Tropical Houses in Aarhus Botanical Gardens – Portraits of Places

The second film in the portrait of places series I’m making, as a way to improve my filming skills and give you something nice and relaxing to watch. I hope you enjoy it.

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I have always found the tropical house in Aarhus an interesting experience. Because you move along a very long greenhouse, the climate changing each time you pass through a door. From temperate forest to dry dessert ending up in the warm and humid jungle in the biggest greenhouse. It’s almost like traveling through different dimensions.

I have missed going to the place ever since it closed down for renovations in 2010. It reopened with a huge new expansion in 2014. But it wasn’t until just before I moved away from Hobro I managed to swing by The Tropical Houses in the autumn of 2017, to experience the new buildings.

The old main greenhouse, that before housed the rainforest, is now a nice open visitor center and cafe. But what catches your eye is the large bubble like expansion, that now houses the rainforest.

It’s quite an impressive experience and I can highly recommend it as a nice way of getting some warmth back in your body during a cold winter’s day. Also it’s free, so if you are in Aarhus, you should really go there.

I realize now after the film, that I should perhaps have noted the name of all of the plants, I filmed, so I could have added their names to the film. But maybe if I do Copenhagen Botanical Gardens I will try that then.

I film with a handheld SLR camera, and that is very apparent here. If this is something I want to do more of, I might have to invest in a stabilizer.

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